Chictopia Adds "Grandma" To Their Style Tags, Geriatric Fashion Becomes Mainstream!

Personal style community Chictopia might be one of the easiest places to go for a quick dose of inspiration, and their style filters make it easy to narrow down what you want, whether it be "Business Casual," "Geek," or "Leather." It's also a great barometer for what kinds of styles are the most relevant at the moment (disconcertingly, "Comfortable" has 10,987 photos and "Androgynous" only has 1). Most recently, they've added "Grandma" to the mix. The ubiquity of geriatric trends on the runway seems to have finally touched down in the mainstream. Loose-fitting slacks, below-the-knee skirts, and slouchy tops? Pass us a prune cocktail, honey—this is cause for celebration!

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