10 Reasons To Love Chicago Even More Than You Already Do

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    Our great city may be known for having big shoulders, but it's just as full of big hearts that swell with hometown pride. So, as an ode to Chicago — a love letter of sorts — we asked 10 local movers and shakers what makes the Jewel of the Midwest their kind of town.

    Hot designer Azeeza Khan has had an affinity for the Hope B. McCormick Swan Pond ever since she was a little girl, while HGTV star Monica Pedersen can't get enough of the film My Best Friend's Wedding, which was shot at iconic places such as The Drake and U.S. Cellular Field. And when it comes to eating, Windy City Live host Val Warner keeps it real with a good ol' burger, fries, and cake shake at Portillo's.

    After reading through these adoring proclamations, we think you'll agree that the Second City is second to none.

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