Chicago Has Never Looked So Gorgeous

Photo via @spritesoren.
Forget everything you know about street art: A Chicago yoga instructor is bringing a whole new meaning to the term. Her name? Soren Buchanan. She's the master yogi behind @spritesoren, an Instagram feed where she documents her limber poses in front of Chi-town's coolest murals. 

Buchanan's love for art runs in the family: She's the daughter of an art teacher and a sign painter. When life after college took her to Chicago, she fell for yoga and saw an opportunity to re-package her passions into one vibrant, crazy-cohesive project. 

"I spent my first Midwestern winter shocked, frozen and hiding from the cold," Soren told Instagram. "I knew I needed to adapt and create my own warmth. Yoga was the answer."

"Artist recognition is very important to me," she adds. "If people are drawn to my images, they need to know who I am collaborating with. I hope to bring attention to artists who, other than on the streets, might have limited venues showcasing their art and sharing their styles."

Her gorgeous poses coupled with the city's most expressive street art make for some seriously hot yoga. Ahead, breathe in our favorite shots — and discover some incredible, underexposed creative talents!
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Photo via @spritesoren.
Dancer's pose never looked quite so dreamy.

Artwork by @amuse.126.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
An explosion of color in the West Loop.

Artwork by @tenderj.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
This is one red-hot headstand.

Artwork by @jonskione.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
Lookin' leggy.

Artwork by @wk360.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
This pose deserves the spotlight.

Artwork by @v_tron, @amuse.126, and @sege1.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
This fox looks duly impressed.

Artwork by @mrprvrt.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
Clouds can't keep her away.

Artwork by @niceone101.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
Yes, your eyes are playing tricks on you.

Artwork by @jasonbrammer.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
Hat's on for crow pose.

Artwork by @_awer_.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
Going for gold.

Artwork by AMUSE.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
A stare off with the Cheshire cat.

Artwork by @slangism.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
Eye on the tiger.

Artist unknown.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
Black and white and Zen all over.

Artwork by @radah, @zerochicago, and @_pennypinch_.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
You can hang under her umbrella...

Artwork by @foveal40.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
Putting on the brights.

Artwork by @remed_art.
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Photo via @spritesoren.
Bunny ears are always better in pairs.

Artwork by @lefthandedwave and #hannahwaldron.