Chicago's Cutest Guy Bloggers You'll Wanna Bookmark

We love a guy with something to say. Sharp conversation, quick comebacks, we're totally into it. And the whole wide world of online lets brilliant boys share their literary genius and sparking opinions with anyone. But sometimes, we really just want some commentary that's a little closer to home. So, the most important mouse-click you'll make all day is the one that takes you to our collection of this city's cutest blogging guys. These gentlemen cover it all, from fashion, to music, to food, and of course, all things Chicago. They know their stuff and are dropping knowledge on the net every single day. Don't be surprised if you get hooked on a blog or two and veer into online-groupie status. Smarts are sexy.
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Seth Putnam, The Midwestyle.

Why he blogs? "We dig the atmosphere and style scene here. It's a great mix of business and casual, button downs with shorts or blazers with denim. We love the pace. You can do the urban sprawl and night life scene or kick back on the beach and head to the nearest rooftop patio. We think our style reflects the pulse of Chicago with the mix of the business-but-casual, except our shirting actually fits. Chicago is a city that has a lot of room to grow with its style."
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Tyjuan Mathis, RegularOlTy.

Why he blogs? "I've blogged from all over the world but there's nothing like blogging from the comfort of your home and my home is Chicago. Knowing that your words mean something in a city as big as Chicago is a blessing in itself."
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Tim Mazurek, Lottie and Doof.

Why he blogs? "I like blogging in Chicago because the creative and food communities here are incredibly vibrant and supportive. Also: sour cherries, sweet corn, heirloom apples, hickory nuts, local cheese—the Midwest rules! It is easy to write about good food when you are surrounded by it. "
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Andrew Barber, Fake Shore Drive.

Why he blogs? "I love blogging because it gives me the opportunity to share my love of hip-hop and music with world. I've been lucky enough to find an audience that actually cares about my opinion, so I'm very thankful for that."
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William Braggadocio, Men's Street Fashion.

Why he blogs? "Chicago is an amazing place to blog because you are always kept on your toes. Just when you think you have the city down to a science it pulls a 360 on you in a week."
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Max Wastler, All Plaidout.

Why he blogs? "Chicago is the city of Al Capone and Rod Blagojevich (with whom I share a tailor). It's the city of big shoulders and bigger silk knots. You never need to ask a guy in Chicago how much money he has, because he wears it on his French-cuffed, 14-carat-diamond-linked sleeve. While I am happy to embrace the excessive flash of my new hometown, I'm happier still to embrace its attitude. Unlike other self-centered cities in this great nation of ours, the people of Chicago are genuine: nice and perpetually interested in the world around them. "
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Brad Bennett, Well Spent.

Why he blogs? "I like blogging because I can bring some much deserved attention to the many small and independent brands out there that are doing great things. Also, it's pretty great not having a boss. "
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Eric Wallce II, Shrine Style.

Why he blogs? "To Educate men about being gentleman and having a unique sense of style."
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Daniel Evans, The Indoor Beach.

Why he blogs? "When I think about taking pictures for The Indoor Beach, I think about it in terms of music, like, if it was a band, I want the photos and feel of this world to be the visual equivalent of polychromatic musical pieces. I also want people to feel like they are on a visual beach, where colors and freaks lap onto the shore, the soothing wind of chill skies and old buildings and some pastoral stuff. You can be on your couch, on your iPad, indoors, but really you are on a beach. There are a lot of sick shows and parties in Chicago and I love to document the vitality and energy. Street pics are fun to take because they capture a moment."
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Mark Rumble, Man Up Chicago.

Why he blogs? "The best way for me to feel like an actual Chicagoan is to talk the people who live here, visit locally developed businesses and events, and then write about those people, places and things. There is an infinite supply of interesting happenings in this city, which is good, because it prevents me from ever having to post articles about the banalities of my life."
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Lenox Magee, Lenox and the Second City.

Why he blogs? "I love blogging in Chicago because it's a place where I can be myself. I never have to filter my words or reactions because Chicago is pretty darn cool–I love this town!"