Chicago's 25 Most Instagrammed Restaurants

Chicago is city that appreciates good food. And, when it comes to what exactly that means, we're all over the map, from high-end restaurants that specialize in molecular gastronomy to hole-in-the-wall local joints where you'll find some of the best cheap eats in the entire country. If you're looking to branch out, it can be daunting — but, that's where we come in. We've rounded up mouthwatering pics from 25 of the city's most Instagrammed restaurants. Whether you're looking for a life-changing cheeseburger or a plate of food that's pretty enough to frame, consider this inspiration for where to find your next great meal.
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Photo: via @infatuation.
Au Cheval
Plenty of Chicagoans consider this the best burger in town — and, you can certainly see why.

Au Cheval, 800 West Randolph Street (between Green and Halsted streets); 312-929-4580.
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Coalfire Pizza
Everyone has their favorite Chicago pizza, but if Instagram is any indication, this very pretty Neapolitan-style pie is among the best.

Coalfire Pizza, 1321 West Grand Avenue (near North Elizabeth Street); 312-226-2625.
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GT Fish & Oyster
This joint serves up some of the best seafood in the city, but for our money, the fried oyster sliders are where it's at.

GT Fish & Oyster, 31 North Wells Street (between West Ohio Street and West Grand Avenue); 312-929-3501.
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Stan's Donuts
You had us at "pretzel donut."

Stan's Donuts, 1560 North Damen Avenue; 773-360-7386.
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Quite possibly our favorite guac in town.

Mercadito, 108 West Kinzie Street (near North Clark Street); 312-329-9555.
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Nightwood is the kind of place where you find The Dagwood, a limited-edition sandwich made of bacon, duck confit, PQM lonza, heirloom tomato, cucumber, marinated eggplant and summer squash, lettuce, caramelized onions, provolone, potato chips, olive and artichoke tapenade, whole grain mustard, aioli, and a runny egg, all piled high on toasted brioche.

Nightwood, 2119 South Halsted Street (at 21st Place); 312-526-3385.
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Homeslice Wheel House
The breakfast calzone is a thing of beauty.

Homeslice Wheel House, 938 West Webster Avenue (at North Bissell Street); 312-789-4600.
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Photo: via @incubrat.
Fat Rice
Where the dumplings are total perfection.

Fat Rice, 2957 West Diversey Avenue (near North Sacramento Avenue); 773- 661-9170.
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Kanela Breakfast Club
Now THIS is how you do a breakfast sandwich.

Kanela Breakfast Club; various locations.
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Shake Shack
They said it would be a game-changer... and, they were so right.

Shake Shack, 66 East Ohio Street (between North Wabash Avenue and North Rush Street); 312-667-1701.
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Photo: via @evatabbani.
Any spot that serves Fruity Pebbles French Toast is aces in our book — plus, there's free coffee while you wait!

Flo, 1434 West Chicago Avenue (near North Bishop Street); 312-243-0477.
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Meet the Gateau Basque custard cake with olive oil ice cream and polenta. We promise it tastes as good as it looks.

Naha, 500 North Clark Street (at West Illinois Street); 312-321-6242.
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Ada Street
Banh mi tacos? Yes, please!

Ada Street, 1664 North Ada Street (near West Concord Place); 773-697-7069.
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When you're competing with panoramic views of the Chicago skyline, the plating has to be impeccable.

Sixteen, 401 North Wabash Avenue (near East Kinzie Street), 16th Floor; 312-588-8030.
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When everything on the tasting menu looks like a work of art, it's impossible not to snap a pic — or, 14.

Alinea, 1724 North Halsted Street (between Willow Street and Concord Place); 312-867-0110.
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Little Goat
Best. Waffles. Ever.

Little Goat, 820 West Randolph Street (between Green and Halsted streets); 312-888-3455.
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Girl & the Goat
You might feel sheepish ordering something called the Pig Face, but, trust us, it's totally worth it.

Girl & the Goat, 809 West Randolph Street (between Green and Halsted streets); 312-492-6262.
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Even the halibut is gorgeous here.

Blackbird, 619 West Randolph Street (near North Jefferson Street); 312-715-0708.
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The Publican
Warning: A side of the Fatty Bacon could change your life.

The Publican, 837 West Fulton Market (near North Green Street); 312-733-9555.
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Redhot Ranch
Where the double cheeseburgers are legendary.

Redhot Ranch, 2072 North Western Avenue (between Charleston Street and Dickens Avenue); 773-772-6020.
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Strings Ramen
Winter is coming...

Strings Ramen, 2141 South Archer Avenue (between Cermak Road and 21st Street); 312-374-3450.
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Beautiful, Michelin-starred — and, more importantly, Bill Murray-approved.

BOKA, 1729 North Halsted Street (near Willow Place); 312-337-6070.
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Tallboy Taco
If you haven't tried this new taco spot inside Nacional 27 yet, get there stat, and order up an al pastor.

Tallboy Taco, 325 West Huron Street (near North Orleans Street); 312-664-2727.
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Where even the cheese plates are next-level.

Goosefoot, 2656 West Lawrence Avenue (at North Washtenaw Avenue); 773-942-7547.
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Former Chicagoans have been known to smuggle half-eaten Bacino's pies back home on planes. It's that good.

Bacino's, 2204 North Lincoln Avenue (between Geneva Terrace and Webster Avenue); 773-472-7400.