10 Etsy Warmers To Keep You Cozy All Winter

Photo: Courtesy of A Fly Girl Power on Etsy.
Baby, it’s cold outside. And, sadly, we still have another couple of months to go — and that's if we’re lucky. While this winter isn’t as bad as last year’s Arctic freeze (so far), it doesn't seem any easier to deal with, whether you're a longtime Chicagoan or a recent transplant.
But, instead of wasting our energy complaining, we’ve rounded up 10 amazing items from Etsy Chicago to help warm you up for the rest of the season. Because, if you've got to endure the icy mix, you may as well reward yourself, right?     
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Photo: Courtesy of Box of Hollyhocks on Etsy.
Cozy Up
An oversized knit sweater is a winter must! This vintage "fisherman" style will look good with everything from a pair of leggings to your favorite jeans. Consider it your unofficial uniform for the next couple of months.

Box Of Hollyhocks Knit Fisherman Sweater, $62, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Circa Ceramics on Etsy.
Chicago Pride
There are many reasons why we love these adorable cups. They’re food-, dishwasher-, and microwave-safe; the lid keeps our beverages (or soup!) warm; they’re made here in Chi; and the city-flag print reminds us why Chicago is our kind of town.

Circa Ceramics Chicago Flag Cup/Mug with Lid, $42, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Huncamunca Vintage on Etsy.
Sweater Weather
This adorable, chunky sweater coat from the '80s will keep you warm from head to toe, without looking like you’re sporting a Snuggie. Made from 50% mohair, 40% acrylic, and 10% nylon, it'll make you feel cozy and cute.

Huncamunca Vintage Sweater Coat, $52, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cashmere Touch on Etsy.
Splish Splash
Perhaps one of our favorite ways to warm up is with a nice, hot bath. Of course, water alone simply won’t do, so don’t soak without pouring in a hearty amount of these delicious bath salts. Made with pure essential oils and dried rosebuds and petals, they'll transform you into a modern-day Cleopatra in no time.

Cashmere Touch Soothing Bath Salts, $12, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Loam Grown Pottery on Etsy.
I’m A Little Teapot
This handmade pot (made on a potter’s wheel right here in Chicago!) boasts a hand-carved sieve, which means you can steep your favorite blend right inside. Note that while it’s dishwasher-, microwave-, and oven-safe, you can’t put this baby on the stove.

Loam Grown Pottery Blossom Teapot, $49, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Gryphon Vintage on Etsy.
Soup’s On!
With weather like this, eating soup on a daily basis isn’t exactly a crazy idea. But, if you’re stuck on chicken-noodle autopilot, this vintage book has all the inspiration you need (500 recipes!) to give a little boost to your bowl. The best part? Every recipe starts with good old-fashioned canned soup, so you won’t have to spend half your paycheck on ingredients.

Gryphon Vintage Slim Gourmet's Soup Book, $9.50, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Red Leaf Tea on Etsy.
Perfect Blend
If you’re sucking down tea like a sailor sucks down hooch, you may as well mix up your brew. May we suggest you swap your boring bags for one of these beautiful blends from Red Leaf? We love the rooibos mixed with mango and passion fruit flavors. Tropical vacation dreamin’ on such a winter’s day…

Red Leaf Tea Rooibos Paradise Loose-Leaf Tea, $6.99, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of My FiFi Designs on Etsy.
Sock Hop
Boot socks are a must, but, in our opinion, these particular handmade babies are kinda sexy, even after your Hunters come off.

My Fifi Designs Boot Socks, $17.99, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of Baldi Store on Etsy.
Slurp, Slurp!
Be it soup, oatmeal, or stew, there are plenty of options for slurping up some warm goodness at this time of year. So, why not try these handmade teak spoons out on a test run?

Baldi Store Teak Soup Spoons (Set of 6), $49.50, available at Etsy.
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Photo: Courtesy of A Fly Girl Power on Etsy.
Cool Cap, Warm Head
Dressing up to go outdoors during winter in Chicago is enough to make anyone feel like Ralphie's little brother from A Christmas Story. But, it doesn't have to be all function, no form. This cap will make you look cool while keeping you warm.

A Fly Girl Power Loose Fit Skater Hat, $20, available at Etsy.