8 Amazing Chicago Consignment Shops

Photographed by Grace Willis.
There are a number of reasons why we love consignment shops. For starters, there's the thrill of scoring a good deal and the rush of finding a one-of-a-kind item. But, not all of these stores are created equal, so we scouted Chi-town to find eight of the best spots, so you can make some cold, hard cash from all your unwanted items (from footwear to furniture).
Because navigating the world of buying and selling can be a bit tricky, these fabulous store owners shared everything you need to know so you can consign like a boss. What are you waiting for? One woman's trash is definitely another woman's treasure.
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Photographed by Grace Willis.
Divine Consign

Specialty: New and gently used upscale furniture, oftentimes from designers and Merchandise Mart showrooms looking to liquidate their goods. General public is also welcome.

Payout for consignors: You get 50% of the final selling price of the item. Sellers can request a check, or create an account credit to use toward a future purchase.

What Divine Consign is looking for: All types of furniture as long as it is clean, current (no antiques here), and in good shape.

Won't consider: Television armoires, china, and china cabinets.

Quick tip: Be honest about the condition of your furniture. The consignee is going to find out out eventually, so save everyone some time by being straightforward from the get-go.

Divine Consign, 809 South Oak Park Avenue (between Van Buren Harrison streets); 708-386-3366.
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Photographed by Grace Willis.

Specialty: Authentic, new, and gently used luxury clothing, shoes, and accessories, as well as one-of-a-kind private collections from high-end brands (such as Chanel).

Payout for consignors: An all-inclusive 60/40 commission structure with 60% going to the seller.

What eDrop-Off is looking for: Any high-end designer items, but Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès are top performers.

Won't consider: Anything with a retail value of less than $50.

Quick tip: Invest in items with a great resale value. You may pay more now, but you'll get a bigger bang for your buck down the road.

eDrop-Off, 2117 North Halsted Street (between Webster and Dickens avenues); 773-525-7467.
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Photographed by Grace Willis.
Knee Deep Vintage

Specialty: Incredible fashion-forward vintage clothing and accessories (for women and men) from the '20s to the '90s — though you'll also find one-of-a-kind goods dating as far back as the 1870s.

Payout for consignors: After you're told the retail value of your item, you'll get either 30% in cash or 50% in store credit. On occasion, a different price can be negotiated for a special item.

What Knee Deep Vintage is looking for: Currently, spring and summer items — think flirty dresses, T-shirts, florals, etc. But, they are always looking for items that are older than the '50s regardless of the season.

Won't consider: Double-knit polyester or synthetic fabrics in general.

Quick tip: Check out the store before you try to sell anything, so that you have an understanding of its aesthetic and you can sell accordingly.

Knee Deep Vintage, 1425 West 18th Street (between Bishop and Loomis streets); 312-850-2510.
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Photographed by Grace Willis.
Le Thrift

Specialty: A mix of contemporary luxury, name-brand, and vintage clothing and accessories.

Payout for consignors: A 50/50 split with the exception of luxury brand handbags (think Louis Vuitton and Prada), where the consignor will receive 60%.

What Le Thrift is looking for: Unique, well-made designer, name-brand, and upscale vintage items (women's and men's) in immaculate condition and ready to sell. Vintage items must be in pristine shape and made from a natural fabric.

Won't accept: Damaged or dirty wares, as well as brands like The Limited, H&M, Forever 21, and Bebe.

Quick tip: The quality of the items is more important than the quantity. Save everyone time by only bringing items you really think people would buy.

Le Thrift, 1821 West Chicago Avenue (between Wolcott Avenue and Wood Street); 312-912-9676.
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Photographed by Grace Willis.
Luxury Garage Sale

Specialty: New and gently used designer and vintage clothing, accessories, handbags, costume jewelry, and shoes. LGS prides itself on the well-curated selection of items that you can't find anywhere else.

Payout for consignors: You get 65% of the selling price of each item. Consignors receive a check in the mail within 60 to 90 days from when they drop off or send their items.

What LGS is looking for: Designer items from brands like Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Missoni, Christian Louboutin, etc., as well as edgy pieces from designers like Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim — especially stand out items beyond your basic everyday pieces. Also, handbags are some of their top selling items and provide a high return for consignors.

Won't consider: Basics — basic black pants, plain skirts, basic knits, etc. Mall brands such as Banana Republic, Gap, Ann Taylor.

Quick tip: When considering what items to sell, note that women are always looking for a standout cocktail dress or a great outerwear piece.

Luxury Garage Sale, 1658 North Wells Street (between Eugenie Street and Concord Lane); 312-291-9126.
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Photographed by Grace Willis.
Second Time Around

Specialty: Designer clothing and accessories from the past two years that are in "like-new" condition.

Payout for consignors: Items are priced at 25-to-30% off their original retail value and are placed on sale for a 90-day period, wherein the seller will receive 40% of the final selling price. For select high-end handbags, consignors receive up to 70% of the item’s final selling price. Payments are sent out monthly by check, but if you choose store credit instead, you'll receive a $10 bonus

What Second Time Around is looking for: Designer handbags, accessories, and shoes prove to be top-sellers in the merchandise department, while leading designers include Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, and Diane von Furstenberg. Also, seasonal items like designer sunglasses for summer.

Won't consider: Faux designer goods, damaged or overly worn items, or vintage — they try to keep the inventory current.

Quick tip: Call ahead and talk to a consignment specialists about your pieces before you bring everything in.

Second Time Around, multiple locations.
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Photographed by Grace Willis.
Threads Etc.

Specialty: All types of used furniture, from modern to trendy to antiques.

Payout for consignors: If items are dropped off, the consignor will receive 50% of the final selling price. If Threads, Etc. picks them up, the consignor will receive 40% of the final selling price.

What Threads Etc. is looking for: All types of furniture in near perfect condition. Threads loves one-of-a kind and custom-made pieces, as well as high-end items from retail stores.

Won't consider: Lacquered items and large armoires.

Quick tip: When sending in pictures of your items for pre-approval, show them in the best possible light. Items wrapped in plastic or poorly displayed can make it hard to evaluate items, thus skewing the price estimate.

Threads Etc., 327 North Milwaukee Avenue (between Belden and Medill avenues); 773-276-6411.
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Photographed by Grace Willis.
Vintage Underground

Specialty: Vintage costume jewelry that's at least 20 years old. In addition, there's an amazing selection of vintage clothing, shoes, accessories, bridal jewelry, and small home furnishings.

Payout for consignors: Although listed as a consignment shop on Yelp, VU generally doesn't take consignments. Rather, it buys outright. So, the seller gets their money upfront and does not have to wait for an item to sell in order to get paid.

What Vintage Underground is looking for: Mainly vintage costume jewelry in excellent condition, as well as designer-signed jewelry and accessories.

Won't consider: New or overly distressed items.

Vintage Underground, 1834 West North Avenue, 773-252-4559.