17 Non-Frumpy Turtlenecks You'll Want To Wear Every Day

Turtlenecks are the ideal winter staple: They're a scarf and a sweater, rolled into one. Nothing is more satisfying than hiding your face in the cozy knit collar when confronted with a chilly gust of wind (or an awkward social run-in). The frumpy fit that comes along with the oversized silhouette, however, is not so cute.
Is it too much to ask to hit the cold-weather trifecta: a warm knit for layering, a roomy neckline in lieu of a scarf, and a formfitting shape that doesn't give away just how many layers are piled beneath? We think not, and we found 17 turtlenecks that are as comfy as they are chic. You can wear them out solo, or layer them under other choice knits. As for which one you should buy, the race is neck and neck. 
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Cashmere on a budget.
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Trademark's almost one year old, and its turtleneck game has never been stronger.
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This isn't fire-engine red — it's Ferrari red (or, at least that's what Apiece Apart says).
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Crop tops: the surprising trend that knows no season.
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This bright turtleneck has a slightly cropped front to avoid any bunchiness.
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Half turtleneck, half sweatshirt, all comfort.
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Earn your stripes.
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With strategically placed rib detailing, this pullover wards off any unwanted frump.
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Lighter than a sweater, this plaid-print blouse gives you some more breathing room.
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This wool pullover has a pinstriped silk back — because sometimes, you don't have to choose between a sweater and a blouse.
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Flower power.
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Channel your inner French girl with breton stripes — and grab a pain au chocolat while you're at it.
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Altuzarra's vibrant color-blocking brings this turtleneck a few steps up from staple.
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The longer hemline means you can wear this with leggings for optimal comfiness.
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The layered panelling gives an almost sculptural touch to this merino wool turtleneck. Extra perk: discreet thumb holes in the sleeves for makeshift gloves.
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Slightly oversized, this thick knit will comfortably top off the rest of your layers.
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A mock neck gives your collar some extra protection without suffocating you.