Check Out Dallin Chase Resort Collection For Easy, Warm Weather Dressing

When Jason Cauchi brought a new spin to adventurous-chic fashion with his fall '10 collection for Dallin Chase, we immediately added him to our designer-to-watch list. Well, it seems like he's making the jump from up-and-coming to established—the New York natives's resort '11 line is so fun and flirty we just cannot wait to get it on. From floral-printed dresses to cute leather jackets, Cauchi manages to create a master-mix that's comfy, casual, and cool. We love the eyelet, trouser-esque shorts and the loose-fitting coral blouse, which both would make for a perfect-outfit. And we may never leave the house again without one of the button-down cardigans that will add flair to even our drabbest ensembles. So, props Jason Cauchi—don't forget to tell the folks at home we've been giving you love from the beginning.