Need A Quickie Vacay? We Found 6 — Right Around $200!

There's nothing quite like Hump Day to remind you that the week is long, and that you are in want desperate need of a vacation. Stat. No, sooner than stat.
Since you've already been prepping your summer wardrobe with swimsuits, sunnies, and shoes that show off your new pedicure, why not take all those musts for a spin on a mini vacay?
How about a mini vacay that won't completely drain your pool of summer-fun funds. No need to scour the web — we've already done the searching and have come up with six exciting, charming, and relaxing getaways — one departing from each of our local markets — all priced around $200. Yeah, you read that correctly. So, email your boss, pack that weekender, and, please, get the TGIF out of here.
New York To Burlington, VT — Starting at $140
Sometimes we could all use a break and a chance to hear ourselves think — rather than, say, hear sirens, crowds, and subways. Head north near Lake Champlain for a weekend to wind down. Shop the Church Street Market, check out the events at Burlington City Arts, or simply play it by ear in a town a little more peaceful than NYC.
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Los Angeles To San Francisco, CA — Starting at $180
Get out and enjoy wine country with a trip to the nearby Bay Area. Sure, we're probably a little biased, since we have our own reasons for thinking that S.F. is pretty rad, but we also think it's time to get away from the L.A. hustle and bustle, and indulge in a little wine country. Bottoms up!
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San Francisco To Long Beach, CA — Starting at $156
On the flip side, while we love the S.F. life, we don't always love that constant and unpredictably shifting in weather. Remove yourself from the unpredictable elements with a sojourn south to Long Beach. Of course, we can't guarantee perfect weather, but isn't every getaway better when there's a beach involved?
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Chicago to Atlanta, GA — Starting at $179
Even though you're traveling from one city to another, we always consider it a real treat to get outside our home sweet home, and have a taste of another metropolis. And they don't call it "Hotlanta" for nothing: the mercury can climb, but you may not mind once you're into this city's groove.
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Miami To New Orleans, LA — Starting at $188
Grab a flight from Fort Lauderdale to immerse yourself in the rich culture — and amazing food — of NOLA. Remember: Calories don't count on vacation. Go ahead and have a beignet on us.
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Washington, D.C. To Newport, RI —Starting at $207
There is a small catch: You'll have to grab a bus from Providence to Newport. But the ride will be well worth it once you're relaxing in this maritime town.
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