The Best Travel Size Beauty Products Under $10

Everyone knows the travel industry has inflated prices, especially around the holidays. Carry-on baggage size limits are getting smaller, while checked bag fees (remember when there weren't any?) are getting higher, and an airport latte costs even more than one at Starbucks (don't even get us started if it's an airport Starbucks) — though that pricey flight home for Thanksgiving may require you to skip fancy coffee until the new year anyway.

But traveling is definitely worth the extra cost — especially during the holiday — so you just have to save a little money wherever you can. Luckily, there's no need to spend a fortune on your travel-sized products. In the spirit of holiday giving without going broke, we've rounded up travel-size beauty products that check all the boxes (efficacy, scent, reliability) and ring in at under $10. Safe travels!
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If you are prone to acne, you can keep breakouts at bay when on the road with Mario Badescu's tried-and-true cleanser.
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You already know why you need face wipes when you travel — and these ring in at a steal at 25 for under $6!
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Origins just released tiny mask pods that are just as cute as they are practical. Because skin emergencies don't just happen at home, this little guy will troubleshoot any problems that arise with the help of zinc oxide and sulfur.

Tip: There's enough mask in each to save half for another night or share with a travel buddy.
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The holy grail of French dry shampoo comes in an affordable travel size and will keep your roots grease-free on even the longest travel day (probably the next, too).
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Save the precious room in your carry-on for hair products that pull double- and triple-duty: This oil protects hair during a blowdry, tames dry ends, and adds tons of shine to locks.
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After a trip full of holiday cheer (ahem, eating and drinking), we recommend slapping this baby on your face on the trip back. The charcoal will not only give you a deep clean and tighten your pores, it has major detoxifying powers.
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Travel is no time to skip sunscreen — no matter the season — but you already knew that.
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Fight the hard water in any city you visit with a light, volumizing conditioner.
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A few sprays of this dry shampoo and your hair will be fresh and oil-free, sans shampoo.
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This powerful mask will help keep dry, brittle, damaged, and frizzy hair in check no matter where you are.
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Sure, you could pack your regular razor, but this one works with any Gillette blade, comes in its own travel case, and is pretty damn cute, too.
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Planes can zap the moisture from your skin, so pack a powerful moisturizer to apply before bed.
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This cleanser removes makeup and deep cleans even the most sensitive skin without irritation, plus the pouch fits nicely in the smallest of cosmetic cases.
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This standard hydrating conditioner is great for any hair type and keeps locks smooth and shiny.
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Guess what's not fun? Trying to find nail polish remover on vacation. Pop a few of these individually wrapped remover wipes in your bag and you won't have to.
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Spill-proof and well-suited for anywhere on the face or body, this SPF stick could save your life skin on your next trip.
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On the no-poo kick? Throw this in your carry-on.
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The red-carpet hairstylists' favorite hairspray, only itty-bitty.
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We're guessing the hotel shampoo won't be made for color-treated hair, so pick this one up before hitting the road to make sure your dye job stays in top shape.
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This rich cream works well on hands, cuticles, rough patches, and just about anywhere else you need moisture.
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