6 Charmed And Cheap Table Dressing Ideas

You don’t know how you ended up here, but somehow you've found yourself hosting New Year’s Eve at your house, entirely unprepared. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Don’t fret. We’re here to help with some helpful tips on how to create a NYE tablescape that is both ohmigod-amazing and affordable. We tapped the incredibly talented Sloane Solomon of Found as our expert, and she's full of brilliant, budget ideas. With pieces she already had in her pad and a few organic materials, the Wynwood home-store owner completed a whimsical centerpiece inspired by good luck traditions observed by several cultures. Think lucky charms, pennies, black-eyed peas, and Chinese dragons. Pretty creative, no? Click through to borrow Solomon’s solutions.
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Designing on a Dime
“You need to look at what you already have in your house and see how you can repurpose it. For example, I had a lot of Mason jars, obviously. You have to get creative with what you have!”

Photographed by Elizabeth Renfrow.
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Paper is Your Best Friend
“There’s so much you can do with paper, a glue gun, and a prayer. Here, I used paper for the votive candels. I grabbed a small envelope and used a star paper puncher on the top rim, so the light can illuminate through the small holes. I also used glitter paper and sticky letters for the banner.”

Photographed by Elizabeth Renfrow.
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Keep It Level
“You always want to play with levels. The goal is to have your eye dancing around, yet still have a focal point. I did this by using greenery and flowers at different heights. I bought these at Berkeley Florist, but you can also just walk outside, grab some flowers, and put them in a tin canister. Wherever you live, you can probably find naturally beautiful flowers that can complete your table — just don’t get caught taking some that aren’t your own!”

Photographed by Elizabeth Renfrow.
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Sweet Treats
“Since it can get pricey throwing an event with lots of food, I like to treat my friends with desserts, which are easier and cheaper to make. So I went ahead and made cake pops (just note they melt by an open flame) and cookies using a roll slice-and-bake dough from the market and sprinkles by the Cake Boss, which you can buy at Michael’s.”

Photographed by Elizabeth Renfrow.
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Charmed, I’m Sure
“Another great way to add your personal stamp to a party is by creating your own wine charms. All you need is some jute from Home Depot, jump rings (which you can get at any craft store), charms, and pliers. Open the ring with the pliers, attach the charm, close the ring, and then string through the jute. Oh, and you can buy charms anywhere, but I bought these at a local shop called Beads. They have really cute vintage charms.”

Photographed by Elizabeth Renfrow.
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Party Essentials
“And just remember when it comes to decorating for a party, what you really need are just two essentials: Champagne and your imagination!”

Photographed by Elizabeth Renfrow.