Under-$20 Buys That Will Make Your Life Way Easier

Quiz time: Which of the following tiny — but aggravating — mishaps have you encountered in the past week?

A) Losing your credit card?
B) Snagging your pricey new sweater as you rush out the door?
C) Missing out on cool plans because your phone died mid-text?

While we're all about keeping a positive outlook, the little annoyances that plague our day-to-day lives can throw us into a major tailspin. And to be honest, they make us extremely grouchy and unpleasant to be around. So for the good of everyone involved, we took on a little research project, setting out to discover what exactly kills our vibe and how to fix it. These 13 problem-solving products — including a tracking device for lost keys and a preloaded, extra-strength Clorox Toilet Wand — do the trick for less than a single Andrew Jackson. Quite a steal for a little peace of mind, don't you think?
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You're used to waking up on the wrong side of the bed...

Instead of rising to the grating tones of an alarm — only to hit the snooze button two four more times — wake up with the Sleep Cycle app. It tracks your REM cycle and gently coaxes you awake during the ideal stage of sleep.
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Your iPhone battery is a habitual quitter...

If you've ever visited a coffee shop that miraculously seems to function without any visible outlets, you know what it feels like to watch your phone's battery life dwindle down to the scary 10% zone. This portable charger packs enough power for two full charges.
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Your apartment's bathroom isn't gonna clean itself...

Tackle the chore you've been putting off for way longer than you'd ever admit with the Clorox Toilet Wand, which comes preloaded with a powerful cleanser. No joke: Disinfecting is as easy as swishing the wand, letting it stand for 10 minutes, and flushing.
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Your wardrobe tends to malfunction...

With provisions for just about any mishap the day might throw your way, this little lifesaver has your back. It includes emergency breath freshener, bandages for stapler fails, and extra thread for errant buttons.
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You've gotten too tight with your shower cap...

When a surprise greasy-hair attack hits (you could have sworn you just washed it), go for a quick spritz of this purse-sized dry shampoo.
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Your trash is trashing your pad...

The deep grooves in this genius little wastepaper basket prevent a trash bag from sliding off the sides and spilling over. It also makes preloading replacement bags (our favorite OG hack) a snap.
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You lose your keys on the regular...

If you've ever uttered the sentence, "I wish I could just call my keys," Tile is going to make you extremely happy. Attach the tiny tag to your frequently misplaced item of choice and listen for an alert from between the couch cushions.
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You're super-connected, sometimes to a fault...

One of these days, we're going to break the hold our various gadgets have over us. Until then, this tiny, top-rated USB-port power strip is a must for those who love their iPad and iPhone equally.
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You'd prefer to put on your robe ASAP...

Shivering in the cold while you slather on moisturizer is a pain, but so is skipping it completely and risking dry, scratchy, winter skin. Instead, switch to a lightweight spray that absorbs before you even pick out your #OOTD.
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You've got a bad case of swiping anxiety...

Instead of rifling through your wallet while an angry line forms behind you, slip your subway card into its very own (very chic) personal compartment.
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Brown-bagging isn't cutting it...

File this twisty, origami-inspired lunch box under things you would have loved as a kid — and will appreciate as an adult. No matter how bulky your lunch is, the self-cooling bag can be molded to make everything fit.
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You GWH'ed (grocery-shopped while hungry)...

When you've wrongfully assumed that you could carry a week's worth of groceries home in one bag, avoid the feeling of handles digging into your skin by hooking your carriers onto these handy, comfortable little helpers.
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You straight-up weren't listening...

Have you ever missed a subway announcement or directions from a stranger on the street? The magical Heard app lets you play back up to five minutes of sound.