10 Of Miami's Best Dishes…All Under $10

Ours is a city of James Beard winners and international cooking superstars, where hotels boast top-tier chefs and truly bespoke plates. But with such tasty treats abounding, it's an undisputed fact that the culinary prowess of the 305 need not belong only to the 1%. In fact, some of Miami's most screw-that-diet-worthy plates can be devoured for less than a Hammy (oh yes, devouring will be done). For your dining (and bank account-protecting) pleasure, we’ve rounded up a little guide of the best bites under $10. If you think the lack of hefty price tags means these dishes won't get your tummy rumblin', think again: These savory prosciutto sammies or classic pan con bistecs will keep you counting the minutes 'til lunch. 11 a.m.'s not too early, right?
Check out these 10 delish dishes you can snag on a dime in Miami.
Photo: Courtesy of Whisk Gourmet
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The Original Pan con Minuta at La Camaronera or The Fish Box

You can’t buy reputation (just ask LiLo), so when La Camaronera, a fish dive favorite with repeat customers, spread its wings and opened The Fish Box food truck, it had an instant hit on its fingerlickin’ fingertips. This deep-fried fish sandwich, with the tail still intact, is a favorite for a no-fuss option on the trendy food truck scene and the Flager locals alike. ($5)
La Camaronera, 1952 West Flagler Street (between SW 19th and SW 20th streets); 305-642-3322.

Photo: Via La Camaronera
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Chilled Soba at Gigi

The spicy chilled soba with peanut dressing at Gigi, coming in at nine bucks, is a perfect summer night noodle for anyone looking for a little tingle on their taste buds. Well, anyone who doesn’t have a peanut allergy, that is. ($9)

Gigi, 3470 North Miami Avenue (between NW 34th Terrace and NW 35th Street); 305-573-1520.

Photo: Via Gigi
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Shack Stack at Shake Shack

We’ve seen, on more than one occasion, a Shake Shack virgin pop their Shack Stack cherry and head back the next day for a Shake Shack double dip. This fast food wonderland is worth whatever trip to the gym a burger topped with a deep fried, cheese stuffed Portobello mushroom calls for. And that might be the only time we've ever uttered those delicious, delicious words in the same sentence. ($8.85)

Shake Shack, 1111 Lincoln Road (At Alton Road); 305-434-7787.

Photo: Via Yelp
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Frita at El Rey de las Fritas

When Obama visited Miami he got his fritas, Cuban burgers with a spiced chorizo and beef blend served atop a Cuban roll, all from El Mago de las Fritas. But we have a bone to pick. Whoever set up his trip didn’t take him to the crowned king of the frita scene, El Rey de las Fritas, a mainstay that's been serving up the delectable dish for more than forty years, all in a tiny strip mall on Calle Ocho. ($3.95)

El Rey de las Fritas, 1821 SW 8th St (between SW 18th and 19th avenues); 305-644-6054.

Photo: Via El Rey de las Fritas
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Pan con Bistec at Mojito Grill

This ventanita/cafeteria touts the best pan con bistec in Miami and that’s no joke — we take our steak sandwiches just as serious as Philly. Ours, however, comes on Cuban bread, doused in butter, with a grilled steak con cebolla, of course. ($6.49)

Mojito Grill, 7318 Southwest 57th Avenue (between SW 73rd and 74th streets); 305-661-3663.

Photo: Via Eats.com
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Grilled Blue and Bacon at Miss Chezious

Any of the many, many combinations of grilled cheese creations at Ms. Cheezious could have made this list, but it's obvious that anything with bacon comes out on top. The Grilled Blue and Bacon cheese with green onion on sourdough is... um... a grilled cheese with bacon. Sold. ($7)

Miss Cheezious, Schedule available here; 305-989-4019.

Photo: Via Miss Cheezious
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Square Pizza with Ranch at Sir Pizza

Ok, what comes after Sir? My Lord? Our Grace? Because Sir Pizza deserves the promotion. Miami’s most memorable cheap meals wouldn’t really be complete without the square thin crust pizza that you’d pay the toll to get on The Key for and then dip in ranch dressing. ($9)

Sir Pizza, 712 Crandon Boulevard (between Westwood and West Mashta drives); 305-361-5701.

Photo: Via Sir Pizza
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"Banh-Mi" Pork Buns At Sakaya Kitchen

If you've watched as many episodes of Top Chef as we have, you know that the longer you have in the kitchen, the better the turnout. The eight-hour roasted pork in the buns at Sakaya Kitchen are proof of this theorem. The light, pillowy buns at Sakaya are stuffed with pig, cucumber pickles, and sweet chilli sauce that would win any elimination challenge of Top Chef (but not a time-sensitive Quick Fire, of course). ($6.99)

Sakaya Kitchen, 3401 North Miami Avenue #125 (at NE 1st Avenue); 305-576-8096.

Photo: Via Sakaya Kitchen
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Pimento Cheese and Fried Green Tomato Sandwich at Whisk Gourmet
If Paula Deen was looking to get a meal for under ten bucks in Miami, we’d direct her to Whisk in South Miami and recommend the pimento cheese and fried green tomato sandwich. Whisk’s fried green tomatoes come in a salad and as an appetizer, complete with a buttermilk dipping sauce. But nothing tastes as good as the sandwich version that is topped with cheese – and butter – right, Paula?
Whisk Gourmet, 7382 SW 56th Avenue (at SW 74th Street); 786-268-8350.

Photo: Via Whisk Gourmet
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Tacos at Pancho Taco/Wood Tavern

We’ve tracked the food trucks and eaten the best dishes from nearly every offering, but it's a ’64 station-wagon, gutted and serving up meaty and meatless tacos that nearly takes our cake. Hang out next to Wood and get your taco nom on, y'all. ($2-$3)

Pancho Taco/Wood Tavern, 2531 NW 2nd Avenue (at NW 26th Street); 305-748-2828.

Photo: Via Pancho Taco