Four London Food Bloggers, Seven Great Meals Under A Tenner

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    You've got Roka taste...but, alas, a YO! Sushi budget. And though it's nice to know that the miserly mainstay of ramen is having a London foodie moment, there aren't many places where someone with more taste buds than cash can get a tasty, truly satisfying meal without going into overdraft.

    But, because we know that man and woman cannot live on Doner kebabs and Marks & Sparks ready meals alone, we quizzed some of our favourite local food bloggers for their recommendations on cheap meals that make the grade.

    Armed with their lists, we ate our way around town to get a taste for ourselves. We feasted on generous sourdough pizza pies in Brixton, slurped up pork belly soup in Chinatown, and cleared our sinuses while gnawing on spicy lamb chops in Whitechapel — and not once did we spend more than a tenner in any one place.

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