The Best Cheap Eats In Los Angeles

Photographed by Maria Del Rio.
While NYC holds a LIT torch as the foodie destination, in recent years Los Angeles has come seriously close to catching up. In fact, it probably holds equal foodie destination acclaim at this point. Both cities are always seeing hot new restaurant openings, but oftentimes those comes with some steep dollar signs. If you're looking to eat well for less, we've got you covered in NYC (thanks to our stealth guide), but we figured it was about time we started rounding up our fave West Coast cheap eats.
Los Angeles is a sunny, bustling, yet laid back land where the most superb of food trends can shine on a dime (we're talking In-N-Out Burger superstar status here) — because why worry about sitting down to eat when the weather is just so fine for grabbing and going? From taco trucks to legendary burger outposts, destination diners, and more, the City of Angels has it all (plus some).
So scroll on if you're looking to get your gourmet grub fix without a major fee.
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Taco Zone Truck
This taco truck dishes out fresh and fast Mexican-style eats with self-serve toppings for cheap, cheap, cheap. The suadero mulitas and pastor tacos are must-orders for $1.50! Stop by with a brown bag, a case of cold Coronitas, and park it on the curb to dig in.

Taco Zone, 2064 Montana Street (at Liberty Street).
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Tito's Tacos
This counter service, carry-out spot shells out insanely delicious and crunchy tacos along with bursting burritos for cheap, cheap, cheap. Scoop up a Tito's taco with cheese for just $2.90 or a bean and cheese burrito for only $4.05.

Tito's Tacos, 11222 Washington Place (at Tuller Avenue); 310-391-5780.
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Diddy Riese
If you're looking for both cheap eats AND cheap sweets, well then Diddy Riese is going to be your jam. This tiny shop offers up legendary cookies, brownies, ice cream, and more — so get ready to line up and grab a cookie-witch of your own making (we're thinking a candy cookie and strawberry cheese cake chunk ice cream sandwich).

Diddy Riese, 926 Broxton Avenue (at Weyburn Avenue); 310-208-0448.
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The Apple Pan
The Apple Pan is a no frills, bustling L.A. diner serving up sweet and savory American fare for a fair price — think juicy steak burgers, sweet apple pies, and salty fries.

The Apple Pan, 10801 W. Pico Boulevard (at Glendon Avenue); 310-475-3585.
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In-N-Out Burger
The East Coast has Shake Shack and Cali has In-N-Out. If you're looking to grab a quick burger and fries that still tastes gourmet, then go for the Animal Style with lettuce, tomato, a mustard cooked beef patty, pickles, extra spread, and grilled onions all for just $3.50. It's bomb and, sorry East Coasters, cheaper than Shake Shack.

In-N-Out Burger, Multiple locations across Los Angeles.
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Roscoe's House Of Chicken & Waffles
Fried chicken and waffles for cheap in L.A.?! Yes it exists. Hit up Roscoe's for any one of their house specialties — we'll be grabbing the Carol C. Special with a crispy breast and a fluffy waffle all for just $8.95.

Roscoe's House Of Chicken & Waffles, Multiple locations across Los Angeles.
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