27 Home Accents Under $10 — Yes, Really!

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    Maybe the weather is starting to mess with your mood. And, perhaps that has led you to the conclusion that your pad’s feng shui could use a pick-me-up or two seven. You’re likely just tired of looking at the same stuff all the time — that’s basically the only reason we undertake spring-cleaning every year, right? Well, before you go on a spending rampage, check out 27 under-$10 editor-curated buys that’ll instantly spruce up your abode — and skip all those extra zeros on your receipt.

    You’ll be amazed at how a few punchy (and inexpensive) home accents can transform your digs, and how they’ll keep your existing furniture and decor from feeling stale. So, say yes to a chicly revamped space — complete with monogram mugs, cheeky cookbooks, colorful dinnerware, and more — and keep your saving account intact.

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