Charlotte Kemp Muhl's NYC Shopping Diary

Unearthly beautiful, charmingly irreverent, lyrically blessed, oh, and and dating rock royalty—all are ways of describing model-turned-musician Charlotte Kemp Muhl. While she's not often in one city (let alone country) for any discernible length of time, we had the distinct pleasure to nab some one-on-one time with the fresh faced ingenue, with an afternoon browse-fest—the lovely New York lady took us to her top three spots for buying the unique (mainly vintage) clothes and accessories that have made her a true style star; Not many people can mix Victorian with a necklace made from raccoon penis-bone, now can they? As we handled taxidermy eye balls at the Evolution Store and sifted through 200-year-old dresses at Exquisite Costume, the 23 year old girl, who now spends less time behind the camera and more time singing with boyfriend Sean Lennon in their band, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, talked sex, fashion, and he future. Some of her musings included her love of vintage shoes, an obsession that's kinda hard to sate with her "giant feet," or, on spying a velvet, military coat, acknowledging that Lennon would be fearful to give too great a nod to the "whole Sergeant Pepper thing." Peep the amazing, sexy and sensual photos by Altamira NYC's Craig Arend, as we galavanted around SoHo, bags (slowly accumulating) in hand—and dont forgot to read the complete interview with the stunning songstress...she starts talking dirty before you know it.
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Charlotte ready to hit the streets.
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Outside our first stop: Exquisite Costume in Little Italy

"This is where I'll come to spend all the money I've made in a year…I'll just buy out the whole place because they have the most amazing clothes. It's like a one-stop shop."
Exquisite Costume, 377 Broome Street (between Mulberry and Mott streets); 212-966-4142.
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Have you been shopping at Exquisite Costume a lot?
CKM: "Yes, this is where I'll come to spend all the money I've made in a year...I'll just buy out the whole place because they have the most amazing clothes, it's like a one-stop shop."
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For Sean? Charlotte admires a Sergeant Pepper-esque jacket at Exquisite Costume.
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What are some of the coolest things you've gotten here?
CKM: "Victorian dresses, amazing coats, hats, vintage shoes that of course don't fit me because I have man feet, but I give them to my girlfriends. I wish I could dress everyone in my life from this store because it would just be like casting a movie with the all most beautiful things."
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Do you live around here? How did you find it?
CKM: "I used to live in Chinatown, nearby here. I lived on Eldridge St."

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CKM: "The greatest Vietnamese rolls are right next door. I live in the West Village now, but I come here all the time shopping. It's the only place I like to shop in New York, really."
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Fit for the stage? Charlotte tries on a dramatic vintage dress at Exquisite Costume.
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On to the next spot.

CKM: "The other places I'll be taking you today are...Evolution for accessories, that's where I got this eye ring, it's actually the eyes they use in taxidermy. And the other place Geminola, [she] is my friend, she kind of reworks vintage into new things. It's kind of like Imitation of Christ but it has a different style, it's kind of looks more like this kind of stuff—but she dyes them in really pretty colors and re-cuts them, but those things fall apart really fast. It's funny the things here last really long, because they're made in a time where things really are made to last."
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Charlotte at the Evolution Store

"Evolution for accessories, that's where I got this taxidermy-ed [sic] eye ring, it's actually the eyes they use in taxidermy."
Evolution Store, 120 Spring Street (between Greene and Mercer streets); 212-343-1114.
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Do you ever buy stuff off the rack new?
CKM: "I don't really like new things. Sometimes I will, you know, because I can't only wear 200 year old clothing. But, yeah, I prefer to just invest in amazing pieces that are museum pieces. I just went to the Met Gala, and they had a whole exhibit of a linear sort of spread of how fashion's evolved over the years and they had a lot of pieces that I own basically, similar pieces. I was like sweet."
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What did you wear?
CKM: "I was dressed by Marni. In a really weird green Barbarella style outfit. It was not my typical style but it was fun because it was so weird."
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What about your boyfriend? What's his style like?
CKM: "We have very similar proclivities, we like old things, we like to choke on dust every time we get dressed. Like that jacket he would love. He would be a little too concerned it would look like he was trying to reference Sergeant Pepper in it, but he would love that and be sad that he couldn't wear it."
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Rings galore!

Do you guys shop together a lot?
CKM: "We do, he's one of the first boyfriends I've had that actually probably enjoys fashion more than I do."
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Do you find that sexy or kind of weird?
CKM: "Well, he's so macho in other areas of his life, he's so metrosexual when it comes to shopping. He just really can get so into fabric and hand-cutting and tailoring. But in every other department of life he's so macho, l can't even get him to wear sunscreen, he's like "Eww get that away from me!" He uses no products and never brushes his hair and he's this nice smelling man, burly guy. So it's kind of funny that he has this soft side for fashion. it's nice, it's the one area where I consider him in a feminine way."
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Charlotte at Geminola.

"The [last] place [is] Geminola, [she] is my friend. She reworks vintage into new things. It's kind of like Imitation of Christ, but it has a different style. She dyes them in really pretty colors and re-cuts them…it's funny, the things here last really long, because they're made in a time when things really are made to last."
Geminola, 41 Perry Street, #1, (between West 4th Street and Waverly Place); 212-675-1994.
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Does he influence your style? Does he tell you you should mix that with that, or suggest stuff for you to where?
CKM: "Sometimes—it's kind of annoying—but sometimes we'll dress to match each other, which is really obnoxious, but we just do that. It's funny. I'll wear a dress to match his bowtie or whatever."
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Does he ever borrow your clothes or vice versa?
CKM: "Does he ever borrow my outfits? No, he wouldn't really fit my clothes, but I borrow his all the time it's kind of not fair, like his underwear (although I just went lingerie shopping!) and I wear his shoes all the time."
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Wow, you can fit into his shoes?
CKM: "Yeah, I told you I have huge feet. If I were a boy, I'd have a big dick."
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They don't look that big.
CKM: "Well they're like 10. I can never fit into the beautiful vintage shoes, which really makes me sad. But I have a roommate who lives on the top floor of our place in New York who has really tiny feet so I just get it for her."
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That's nice. I wish my roommate would do that.
CKM: "Live vicariously..."
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My roommate and I have different taste.
CKM: "Really? What's the point of having a roommate if you can't swap?"
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Well, I'm not living with Sean Lennon! So, do you dress differently when you're on stage than when you're going about your everyday life? Or do you not really have a demarcation?
CKM: "Well, lately because we've been doing an acoustic tour which is really low-fi—there's no pyrotechnics or back-up dancers—I've been trying to keep it low-key, so I'll actually dress more casual for on-stage than I do in my normal life, which is weird. We're about to do a big tour in France where we're going to play for 16,000 people stadiums, which I'm really nervous about. That's not the kind of crowd we typically draw, we're opening up for a really big pop star in France. His name is Mathieu Chedid and no one in America knows of him, but in France he's like Michael Jackson and he was nice enough to let us open up for him and it's going to be really exciting. So I think I'll bust out the exquisite costumes for that."
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Charlotte struts with her newest additions.