It's Chafing Season — Let Us Help You

Photo: Courtesy of Body Glide.
There’s so much to love about summer — relaxing beach days, backyard BBQs, short workdays on Friday (for the truly lucky ones). But with all the perks, there are always a few negatives that can prevent us from enjoying everything the warm-weather season has to offer. For example (as the temperatures and hemlines rise), we’ve hit peak chafing season.

Chafing is not solely a plus-size person problem; anyone whose thighs touch has felt that all-too-familiar sting of raw flesh against raw flesh. Ouch. But before you suffer even one more irritating day of being rubbed the wrong way, look to the anti-chafe products ahead. From little lace bands to Speed Stick-style ointment, these are the best items (I've tried them all, personally) that will save your skin. Click through to see our picks, and tell us your hot-day hacks in the comments!
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Photo: Courtesy of Bandelettes.
If You Can’t Stand Shapewear, But Don’t Want To Re-Apply Anything
Bandelettes are your thighs’ BFF. These little lacy bands look like the top of a sexy thigh-high without the added stocking. Made from silicone, they'll stay in place all day, but their light and airy design will make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. (And if you don’t love the lace, they’ve got a sporty style that’s made for minimalists). I have worn these all day while walking around New York City in 90-plus degree heat, and I can attest that my thighs felt fabulous.
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Photo: Courtesy of Skin Slick.
If You Want To Spray & Go
Before you leave the house, remember, keys, wallet, phone...and Skin Slick! This powerhouse can is tiny enough to toss into any bag, while still packing a mega dose of anti-chafe lubricant. Just give a quick spritz of the fabric-safe spray to any areas that tend to rub (thighs, underarms, feet) and you’ll be chafe-free all day.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lady Anti Monkey Butt.
If You’ve Outgrown Baby Powder (& Have A Sense Of Humor)
Toss the talc and replace it with Lady Anti Monkey Butt. This silky, cornstarch-based powder is perfect on any areas that rub or are prone to wetness, like your bra line. And based on its Amazon reviews, we’re adding it to our cart ASAP.
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Photo: Courtesy of Yummie Tummie.
If You Want The Squeeze Of Support
If traditional shapewear is more your style, Yummie Tummie’s Cleo high-waist short will do the trick. All in one, it supports your stomach, lifts your butt, and stays in place thanks to a silicone waistband.
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Photo: Courtesy of Thigh Society Shorts.
If You Like The Idea Of A Short, But Need To Breathe
Of course, you can breathe in true shapewear, but sometimes you just want to feel chill, not compressed. Thigh Society shorts are about to become your go-to, thanks to their four-way stretch, soft, breathable fabric, and moisture-wicking panel.
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Photo: Courtesy of Body Glide.
If You’re Ready To Graduate From Deodorant
Some swear by a slick of deodorant on either thigh, but if you’re not ready to smell like Teen Spirit, try For Her's Anti Chafe Balm. This sweat-resistant formula helps create an invisible barrier wherever you apply it, allowing your thighs (or wherever) to comfortably glide next to each other. And the small size gives it extra portability.