10 Artists Breaking All The Rules

Who's more daring: The woman who re-imagines stripping as social commentary or the one who overhauls the artistic style that made her famous? In truth, that's the wrong question to ask. Both are incredible. They represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tremendous pool of talent making waves in the art world.

And, in our book, there's nothing bolder — or more beautiful — than a woman who does what she wants and makes no apologies for it. Which is precisely what we're celebrating here today. With some help from the tastemakers at Revlon, we're paying tribute to a few of the gutsiest artists out there in the latest installment of "Beauty Nation: The New Provocateurs."

These 10 inventive women will challenge everything you think you know about "creative types." Whether they’re using their hands, a camera, or even their naked bodies to tell a story, these artists are creating works that challenge how we see the world. So, if trailblazers and envelope-pushers are your thing, keep reading. You might find your definition of beauty upended.

Celia Rowlson Hall

You may not recognize Celia Rowlson Hall, but if you watch Girls, you’ve seen her moves. She choreographed the dance in this season’s "Beach House” episode. And, that’s just one reason Hall's such a game-changer: She’s pushing pop-culture choreography in a completely new direction.
In a digital world crowded with hyper-verbal people, Hall believes in the power of communicating with just your body. And, to make her point even clearer, her new, Kickstarter-funded feature film, MA, will be completely silent. After all, who needs words, when Hall's movements speak loud and clear?
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The challenges that come with creating something truly unique
"My choreography is sort of different and is specific to me. I don’t create what you would refer to as ‘beautiful dances,' so there haven’t been many opportunities where my work fits in. But, when it does, it works great. When I choreographed for Girls, it was just perfect. They wanted my choreography. I’m just interested in what I’m trying to make, and it either works or doesn't, but it’s always very clear."
Why I decided to go silent
"I’m trying to tell the story of a mother’s journey, and I think that’s something that’s universal, so I can’t put that in the English language, because then not everyone can relate. For me, this is a story that comes from total imagination and is such a visual dreamscape; I don’t want language in there. Movement, that’s my language, that’s my comfort zone. It may not be commercially viable, but that’s why I turned to Kickstarter. It was risky as hell to try to raise the money myself, but once I started spreading the word, I found a real audience of people who would support me out there."
What I do to feel glamorous
"I love a dramatic eye. The point is to wear something memorable, and this eye is something that you’re not going to forget. It's a signature move. There’s something about makeup that reminds me of old traditions and rituals when there was a significance to what we put on our faces. It was a way to tell a story, of putting on a character, which I really love."
Why I never stay comfortable for long
"I have so many friends who are holding on to jobs because it’s comfortable, and they’re afraid of shaking things up. But, nothing good comes out of being comfortable, so just jump. My darkest and scariest moments, the best stuff has come out of them. So, when I feel comfortable and good, I know it’s time to shake things up and get ready to fall on my face again — or fly."
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Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci; hair by Bethany Brill; styled by Laura Pritchard.