30 Celebrities & Their Favorite Workouts

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We may not all be able to keep up a daily diet of personal training, SoulCycle, and hot yoga. But there's a lot more to learn from celebrities' workout routines than you might think.

We know that exercise, while extremely important, isn't always exciting. So we admire the way these famous women manage to keep up their routines — even in the face of hectic touring, training, and reality TV schedules. That's why we're taking a few cues from them on our way to discovering our own various fitness passions.

Fair warning, though: we're not telling you how to get these ladies' butts, abs, or any other random body parts. Your body is just that, yours. But that doesn't mean we can't take inspiration from others' routines.

Ahead, we've collected a few of our favorite stars' favorite workouts — and easy ways to incorporate them into your life, if you're so inspired.
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Kim Kardashian

Kim is one lady who's always on the move. So, Gunnar Peterson, her trainer, tells Shape that her workouts generally consist of quick strength and cardio intervals — with minimal equipment. These tend to focus on the core and lower body. Check out some of our favorite equipment-less, core-strengthening activities over here.
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Unsurprisingly, Bey's workouts are both unrelenting and lower-body-focused, trainer Marco Borges tells Elle. In particular, she's fond of jumping lunges, squat kicks, and plié jumps — all of which will definitely leave you feeling a bit sore tomorrow. Start off easy with our own simplified (yet still challenging) crossover lunges and plié squats.
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Kendall Jenner

It's hard to pin down Kendall's favorite workout, because she's doing a little bit of everything — including incorporating fitness into her normal routine. She tells People that, when in NYC, she'll check out a boxing session at Gotham Gym, for instance. But she also revealed in a recent blog post that her ideal workout is "either alone or with a private trainer and doesn't involve a lot of cardio."

So spend some time in your gym's weight room and crank Kendall's workout playlist for a little alone time.
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Gigi Hadid

Boxing is having a bit of a moment among the fancy-studio set. And Gigi in particular has been quite vocal about her love of Gotham Gym's boxing classes. But if you're not quite ready to throw down the cash for a class, try one of these quick online workouts to get a taste.
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Selena Gomez

With workouts up to seven days a week (plus show rehearsals) Selena obviously takes her fitness seriously. And, as her trainer Amy Rosoff tells Cosmo, that comes with a refreshingly realistic attitude. In fact, Rosoff's top two pieces of advice are: no weighing yourself, and no dieting.
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Gina Rodriguez

Here's one lady you definitely don't want to get in a fight with — Gina's boxing skills are seriously impressive (seriously!) But she didn't get there overnight.

She says she was inspired to really dive into the sport after her dad, a professional boxing referee, retired — and it was a "transformative" moment. "You know when you have those times in your life when you’re like, I’m definitely going through a season, and things are changing?" she told Health.

So maybe your ultimate passion won't necessarily be boxing, but take that spirit and use our rational fitness challenge to find the workout that works for you.
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Ellie Kemper

We'd definitely say Ellie is a bit of a fitness nut. "If I don’t do some sort of exercise in a day, I do get in a terrible mood," she tells Shape. Although that may have been for appearance-related reasons, these days she says, "I want to have a lifetime of good health, so it’s about keeping the whole thing in balance.”

And that balance means that you don't have to go 110% every single day. Even if you, like Ellie, are a SoulCycle enthusiast, there are plenty of totally valid reasons to take it down a notch for a day or even skip a workout. So don't beat yourself up if you need to step back for a day — those breaks can actually help you keep up your routine in the long run.
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Tess Holliday

Tess tells Huffington Post UK that she works out with a trainer four times a week. With walking, swimming, and hiking, she gets plenty of variety in her workouts, too. For other gym-less fitness ideas, we've got you covered right here.
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Sofia Vergara

Sofia's no stranger to strength training. But as a recent cardio-dance-class Insta proves, she also knows how important it is to keep things fun. To get those moves going at home, try these quick, dance-inspired cardio exercises.
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Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer sticks with trainer Harley Pasternak's super-efficient system, according to PopSugar. This 5-Factor Workout packs a bunch of fitness into just 25 minutes. You can check out one here for a taste and download others from iTunes to take with you.
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Melissa McCarthy

Before filming her role in the movie Spy, Melissa went deep into martial arts training for two months. "It turns out I like doing stunts," she explained on Live With Kelly & Michael. But you don't have to actually risk life and limb to get a martial arts-style workout. Feel free to start with these combat-inspired arm exercises — and maybe we'll see you in a ring soon.
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Jemima Kirke

It's all about strength-training with Jemima, and we absolutely love it. When pregnant with her second child, she began working out at Brooklyn Strength. Through that training, she found a very realistic attitude towards fitness (Hint: It's not about losing weight). Check out this interview with R29's Kelsey Miller to learn more about what changed Jemima's outlook.
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Rihanna's trainer, Ary Nuñez, tells Shape that the two spend a lot of time strengthening the singer's abs. That usually involves some dancing and martial arts training. According to Nuñez, Rihanna's routine includes a ton of sit-ups, but we prefer this V-sit modification for an extra challenge.
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Khloé Kardashian

"The stairs are everything for your lower body," Khloé explained in a recent video on her Instagram, and she's totally right! Taking on the stairs (or the Stairmaster) builds leg and booty strength and provides enough cardio to get your heart rate going. Try this quick move to get started.
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Kylie Jenner

It seems like Kylie may be more into cool workout gear than actually working out (we don't blame her). But, once she's got the outfit on lock, she's a runner at heart. And what better way to get motivated — and actually out the door — than donning workout clothes that make you feel your best?
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Christina Aguilera

According to PopSugar, Christina's workouts are a fairly standard mix of cardio and strength training. But she always starts with a warm-up on the treadmill before getting into the heavy stuff. We're big treadmill fans ourselves, actually. In fact, we've got a whole 30-day treadmill challenge for you right here.
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Jessica Biel

Biel's workouts have a ton of variety and a ton of fun. She's a runner, a circuit trainer, and a plyometrics enthusiast (meaning she does a lot of moves incorporating jumps). But, as Shape reports, she also gets in a workout by hiking with her dogs. Aside from the obvious physical fitness benefits, spending time outside has a ton of mental health benefits, too. If you're ready to hit the trails, make sure you've got all the gear you need.
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Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa told Women's Health that she has three very specific favorites: Pilates, SoulCycle, and yoga. We can't give you an indoor cycling class through the internet, but please enjoy our favorite Pilates moves and this yoga flow that are sure to strengthen your core.
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Lady Gaga

Gaga's a big fan of both crunches and yoga. But her biggest key is consistency — even when she's on the road. Popsugar explains that she works out five times a week for just 25 minutes. Keeping up a routine like that is key, but definitely takes effort. Your best bet is to transition into a new workout schedule, either through the use of an app (like Couch to 5K), one of our handy month-long challenges, or with the help of a trainer.
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Demi Lovato

Demi tells Fitness that her trainer does one thing in particular to make her feel extra-empowered during workouts: "My trainer will make me look in the mirror while I'm lifting weights or doing squats, so I can watch my muscles forming," she says. "It's encouraging to see myself getting stronger. Now I get excited about seeing muscles instead of bones."

So grab your weights, get in front of a mirror, and get crackin' on our arm challenge.
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Ashley Graham

Ashley loves to mix it up, but whatever she's doing, she's doing it 100%. And the good news for us is that she's posting all of it to Instagram, so we can follow along. In fact, that's exactly what R29's own Laura Delarato did for an entire week. Read about her experience here to get an especially inside look at Ashley's workouts.
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Hannah Bronfman

Hannah might doing yoga one day, jumping rope the next, and finishing the week with tennis. When we talked to her a few months ago, she explained just how important it is to her to mix up her fitness routine. "I'm a really creative person, and I don't necessarily like to do the same thing over and over again," she said. "I try to do something different every day, and I'm really up for everything."

So take a page out of Hannah's book and try something totally different from your usual routine — take a quick scroll through her Insta for some inspiration.
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Serena Williams

It's no surprise that Serena's a champ when it comes to workouts. In this Nike video, she even managed to whip Kevin Hart into shape.
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Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy swears by Body by Simone, which combines cardio, strength training, and dance. One of the class's signature moves is an intense plank variation: First, you get into a plank; then, you lower your right knee and place it back again; finally, you lower your left knee and place it back.

If that sounds like a lot, you're right. But if you want to push yourself, a recent study suggests that you should grab a plank buddy — those participants who were aware of others' performance were able to hold their planks for 5% longer.
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Kristen Bell

When asked what her favorite exercise move is, Kristen told Self it's something she calls "The Bowler." She explains: "Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and bend slightly at the waist, holding a five-pound weight in your right hand. Squat, then swing your right hand up and left, across your body, and sweep your right foot to the left behind you, as if you're bowling."
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"Kesha loves a challenge!" trainer Kit Rich tells Shape. But in particular, she's a big Pilates fan — and Rich throws in some extra weight training for even more strength-building. If you're a total beginner, our kettlebell challenge is the perfect place to start building those skills.
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Kourtney Kardashian

It turns out Kourtney's a recent devotee of a program called Don-A-Matrix. Unfortunately, it's not quite as sexy as it sounds. As E Online explains, the hour-long workouts usually consist of intervals set up like a game: There are four "quarters" made up of two different exercises. If that sounds confusing (it does), feel free to get started with a Kourtney favorite — the plank.
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Jennifer Aniston

This is one lady who's definitely got her routine down. She tells Well + Good that she always dedicates her mornings to exercise — after her meditation and smoothie, of course. Specifically, she does 30 minutes of indoor cycling, followed by 40 minutes of yoga, followed by an elliptical or treadmill session at the gym. While you don't have to do an Aniston-inspired triathlon every morning, her consistency is admirable. Try these tips for making fitness a habit you can stick with.
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Hillary Duff

Hillary says she loves to do strength-training, but she makes sure to bookend her workouts with cardio. Not only does that help keep things interesting (we know cardio is not the most exciting), but some trainers believe it also helps reduce muscle soreness in the following days.
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Gabrielle Union

Not only is Gabrielle a treadmill fan, but she also goes the extra mile to keep track of her heart rate, she tells Us Weekly. That's especially important because the American Heart Association recommends getting your heart rate up to a specific level (based on your age) while working out. While you can expect that most cardio exercises are going to get you there, it's nice to monitor it (with the help of a fitness tracker) so you can be sure — and see your progress as you get more used to the exercises.