10 Awesome Celeb Gym Looks — & How To Copy Them

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Nothing helps us get out of our comfort zone (and off our butts) like the promise of a new wardrobe to accompany an activity. Heck, we'll tackle just about anything if it means we can swipe up a spiffy new outfit. This especially rings true when it comes to getting fit. Because, let's be honest, it's way less intimidating when cute clothes are involved.
To inspire your 2015 workout plan, we've rounded up 10 celebs who are nailing the balance between style and fitness. Spotted at gyms, yoga studios, and other spots around L.A., see which stars made our list — and get the deets on how to replicate each look for yourself. You now officially have no excuse to let your New Year's fitness resolution fall by the wayside.
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Alessandra Ambrosio
This is how you get your asana on in style. Livelier than boring black capris — but every bit as functional and comfortable — Alessandra Ambrosio's printed coral versions are perfect for mastering sun salutations.
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You can never go wrong with a basic black tee.
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Don't be afraid to add some color to your fitness wardrobe.
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Not your typical gym bag.
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Minka Kelly
The ultimate wardrobe workhorse, a classic leather tote can take you from the gym to errands to dinner. Also, we're not sure if she meant to match her water bottle to her shoelaces, but we're digging it!
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Never let 'em see you sweat.
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Trust us: You will keep this tan tote forever.
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Ditch the plastic water bottle, and opt for this BPA and phthalate-free one instead.

bkr Water Bottle, $30, available at bkr.
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Nikki Reed
A long army jacket a la Nikki Reed's is perfect for disguising a fresh-from-the-gym look. Your post-workout brunch pals will never know what a sweaty mess you were 30 minutes earlier. Oh, and that pug T-shirt? Too cute.
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This iteration by Madewell is sure to become your new favorite jacket.
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Dog shirts are always a crowd-pleaser.
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How cool are these azure blue lenses?
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Dakota Johnson
While everyone's waiting with bated breath for Fifty Shades Of Grey, actress Dakota Johnson has been prepping for next month's premiere by hitting the gym in L.A. Last week, she opted for a skeleton-print hoodie and old-school adidas sneaks. Needless to say, we approve.
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Turns out, our anatomy makes for a ridiculously cool T-shirt design.
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All hail OG adidas.
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You can literally wear these shades with anything under the sun.
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Hilary Duff
The beauty of Hilary Duff's look is in the details. It might just be a T-shirt-and-leggings combo, but her printed silk bomber jacket, graphic shirt, and colorful kicks make it work well beyond the treadmill. We wouldn't hesitate to wear this outfit even if there wasn't a gym in sight.
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We love this jacket's '80s vibe.
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A cute, versatile tee at a great price — you can't beat that.
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Time to upgrade your running shoes.
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Jessica Biel
Braving L.A.'s cold spell last month, the actress hid her burgeoning baby bump under a sleek puffer vest, and added striped leggings, mirrored sunnies, and running shoes. It's the perfect combination to stay toasty without weighing down your workout. (And, yeah, we'd be smiling too if we were carrying Timberlake spawn.)
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L.A.'s version of bundling up.
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We love a good mirrored lens.
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Color-coordinated shades and shoes: Why not?
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Gabrielle Union
Confession time: Have you ever worn gym gear with absolutely no plans to work out? It's the perfect excuse to hide your bad hair day under a sporty hat and get away with wearing no makeup. Whether or not you're actually doing cardio, Gabrielle Union's look is a good one to copy.
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A sun-shielding hat is a year-round must for Angelenos.

Adidas Adizero Hat, $16.99, available at Tennis Warehouse.
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White piping adds some detail to a sleek black jacket.
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Go go gadget! Fitbit's latest creation is seriously cool.
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Kirsten Dunst
Not one to put much effort into your workout wear? Kirsten Dunst is your sartorial spirit animal. Skip the fanciful details and let comfort and practicality reign supreme. Translation: Opt for a gray hoodie, black leggings and running shoes, and a canvas tote.
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We'll take our Rodarte any way we can get it.
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You can never have enough black leggings.
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This bag is perfect for gym gear and groceries alike.
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Photo: Miguel Aguilar/Pacific Coast News.
Jennifer Hudson
We love how the pops of color on Jennifer Hudson's leggings and shoes stand out against her otherwise neutral look. Even color-shy folks will want to emulate this outfit winner.
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Forever 21's affordable activewear is always on-point, and this gray sweater is no exception.
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We can't wait to take these cool pants out for a spin.
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Gray and orange make for an awesome combo.
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Amanda Seyfried
For a walk with her pup, Amanda Seyfried went super casual in an oversized graphic tee and loose-fitting shorts. We would live in this rolled-out-of-bed look all week long if it were somehow work-appropriate.
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This shirt screams, "I'm with the band."
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Yes, these shorts are as comfy as they look.
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Try swapping out your tried-and-true Nikes for this pair by Athletic Propulsion Labs — you won't regret it.