3 Celeb-Worthy Party Hair Ideas, Straight From The Pros

The dress? Shimmering and magical. The eyes? Smoldering and dramatic. The hair? Up…maybe? Or down? It seems our coiff so often gets forgotten in our New Year's Eve planning, forcing us to get creative with a flat iron or (gasp!) resort to a high pony. So, to make sure you are looking your December 31st best from head to toe this year, we've grilled some of our favorite hairdressers to the stars for tips on how to be red-carpet, er, countdown-ready. From faking an updo with short hair à la Dianna Agron to the 1930s elegance of Diane Kruger, we've handpicked the city's most sought-after stylists to get their takes on our favorite glamour-girl tresses. Now you can return your attention to that midnight kiss...
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Jenny Cho, a Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist, made sure Dianna Agron's short hair didn't prevent her from doing something fun for the red carpet. Cho tells us, "My inspiration for Dianna was the classic Grace Kelly. I wanted a hint of wave around her face to give her that elegance. Dianna recently cut her hair into a shaggy bob, but anything is possible when you have the right products,"

Says Cho: "Mist Suave Professionals Volumizing Root Boost Spray all over and layer on an anti-frizz cream for a polished finish. The spray is great for creating texture to give hair some grit. Create a side part and blow dry with a small round brush. With a medium-sized curling iron, curl the heavy side vertically and pin to cool. Spray each section with lightweight hairspray. Spray a texturizing dry shampoo on the rest of the hair.  Take a one-and-a-half-inch section in the back and make a ponytail. Tease the ends and pin away. Tease the crown area and gently brush to create a bump. Mist a little hairspray and incorporate the ends into the bun and pin. Pull the sides into the bun as well.

Once cool, unpin curls, and with a small Mason Pearson brush, lightly brush out the curls, creating a soft bend. All you want is a little lift and softness around the front. Mist the whole shape with hairspray for an all-night hold."
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Jen Atkin, who created this look for both Christina Hendricks and Jessica Alba, thinks that an effortlessly prim twist is the key, and a top-notch timesaver if low maintenance is priority.

Says Atkin: "The only thing I love more than a French crepe is a French twist! It is a great, chic, and easy look for New Year’s Eve. I loved the hair backstage at the DVF show in Paris, and I’ve had a chance to use this classy look on a few of my favorite girls. I think it’s the best quick fix if you’re going to holiday parties and are in a rush. Gather hair into a ponytail at the nape, and push the pony to the side (about two inches from the middle). Use some pins as grips, and then twist the ponytail, using your hand as a brace, and pin the hair in place underneath the twist. I highly recommend using large French hair pins to keep the twist secure."

Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages
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Neil George's Gareth Bromell channeled Veronica Lake for this super-glam and adorably retro look. We love it because it looks finished without being fussy.

Says Bromell: "Use a volume spray for a volume base, to really amp up the drama. Then apply the Neil George Indian Gooseberry Oil to lock in a silky smooth finish (that also adds eye-catching shine). Using a one-inch curling iron, take large sections of hair and then curl out from mid-lenths, from the top (base of the head) to bottom). Afterwards brush out with a vent brush, bringing all the hair together and slightly backbrushing.

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages