It's A Match: Can You Spot The Celeb Behind The Decor Collection?

We see them all the time: celebrities-turned-designers. If you had a chance to morph your name into a multimillion-dollar brand, wouldn't you? (We would.) But the reality is — in fashion and decor — some celebrity ventures just aren't that well thought-out. After all, it's far too easy just to stamp your name on a mass-produced collection and watch the money roll in. Yet, part of being a "brand" is knowing how to infuse your own style and red-carpet personality into your products for fans and the run-of-the-mill consumer. And whether it be fast decor or high-end luxury, there are some celebs who do it better than others.
That said, we're curious just how well these big names can translate their image into products. So, we rounded up the stars out there who have really injected their flair into home goods — and now, we're putting you to the test. Some sell their collections in big-box retail stores; others have more discreet interior-design passions — but can you pick up their subtle or not-so subtle influence? In the slideshow ahead, match the home product to the celeb you think best describes them. You might be pleasantly surprised!
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Which gorgeous Hollywood starlet designed this four-piece place setting?

a. Eva Mendes
b. Eva Longoria
c. Sofia Vergara

Mendes Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages; Longoria Photo: Courtesy of ABC; Vergara Photo: Courtesy of Kmart.
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Smoldering actress (and our toughest competition for RyGos' heart) Eva Mendes launched her dinnerware collection, Vida by Eva Mendes, in 2009 exclusively at Macy's. Designed with business partner George Augusto, the Latin-inspired collection, which includes bedding, features "the colors, fabrics, and textures that I live and love, brought to life in a stylish, comfortable, and affordable way,” said Mendes to InStyle.

Vida by Eva Mendes Catalina 4 Piece Place Setting, $35.99, available at Macy's.

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages
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Which gentleman is responsible for this crystal barware collection?

a. Jon Hamm
b. Donald Trump
c. Wilmer Valderrama

Hamm Photo: Courtesy of AMC; Trump Photo: Courtesy of Trump; Valderrama Photo: Rob Latour/Rex USA
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We know Don Draper loves his liquor, but it's the other Donald...Trump, that is, who owns the rights to this crystal collection. Trump Home also includes mattresses, lighting, mirrors, bath, and custom wood. While we wouldn't normally associate home decor with Trump, we can definitely imagine him sipping an old-fashioned or two between bouts of yelling, "You're fired!"

Trump Home Barware, Central Park Collection, $90-$180, available at Macy's.

Photo: Courtesy of Trump
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Which of these superstars designed this limited-edition wooden table?

a. Lenny Kravitz
b. Jon Hamm
c. Brad Pitt

Kravitz Photo: Courtesy of Kravitz Design; Hamm Photo: Courtesy of AMC; Pitt Photo: Courtesy of Chanel.
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C'mon, guys. Brad Pitt needs to fit his entire brood at the dinner table somehow. And, why buy a long-run table when you can design and manufacture one yourself? In 2012, with partner Frank Pollaro, Pitt turned his sketches and designs into limited-edition, handcrafted furniture for Pitt-Pollaro. Along with using quality materials, the brand's tag line is enough of a selling point alone: "Designed by Pitt. Built by Pollaro. Made in U.S.A."

Table Photo: Courtesy of Pitt-Pollarol; Pitt Photo: Courtesy of Chanel.
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Which stunner designed these colorful textiles?

a. Iman
b. Cindy Crawford
b. Eva Mendes

Iman Photo: Courtesy of Iman Home; Crawford Photo: Courtesy of Cindy Crawford Home; Mendes Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
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While Mendes and Crawford both have decor collections, these colorful patterns and exotic prints come from the fierce mind of supermodel Iman. Without a basic or single-colored fabric in sight, this model-turned-mogul specializes in graphic, contemporary textiles.

Photos: Courtesy of Iman Home
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Which celebrity can call this bedding set their own?

a. The Kardashians
b. Justin Bieber
c. Diddy

Kardashian Photo: Courtesy of Sears; Bieber Photo: MediaPunch Inc/Rex USA; Diddy Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
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At first, you might think this could be a piece in the Kardashian Kollection for Sears, which looks pretty-darn similar. But only Diddy and his Sean John team could man-up dark-plum bedding. Oh, and don't forget the Ciroc comforter...way to be subtle, Diddy.

Sean John Bedding, Ciroc Comforter Sets, $135-$250, available at Macy's.

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages
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Which celeb profits from these statement light pendants?

a. Justin Timberlake
b. Jennifer Aniston
c. Eva Longoria

Timberlake Photo: Courtesy of HomeMint; Aniston Photo: Rex/Rex USA; Longoria Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
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Justin Timberlake wants to show you a few things. Including his e-commerce decor site HomeMint. Partnering with celebrity stylist and interior designer Estee Stanley, Timberlake and team curate items specific to your design aesthetic, based on a self-selected style profile. Singer, actor, fashion designer, and he does our decor shopping for us? Jessica Biel is one lucky lady.

Statement Pendants, $189.99, available at HomeMint.
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Who designed this space?

a. Jennifer Aniston
b. Wilmer Valderrama
c. Lenny Kravitz

Aniston Photo: Rex/Rex USA; Valderrama Photo: Rob Latour/Rex USA; Kravitz Photo: Courtesy of Kravitz Design.
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He can sing like nobody's business, but few people know that Lenny Kravitz can also rock it out in the bedroom, living room, kitchen — basically, anywhere — with his interior-design skills! The "Fly Away" singer founded Kravitz Designs, Inc. in 2003 with a team of creative designers and architects, and the SLS Tower penthouse (pictured here) in South Beach, Miami, is only one of many decked-out accomplishments. We can definitely see a subtle rock-'n'-roll vibe here.

Photos: Courtesy of Kravitz Design