The Most Next-Level Hair-Color Transformations In History

Photo: REX USA.
Mother Nature is one funny lady — for example, when it comes to hair color. The one you're born with isn't always the one that's best suited to your style and aesthetic, as proven by a bevy of leading ladies throughout history. Before dyeing hers peroxide-blonde for a casting call, Marilyn Monroe was a brunette. One simple swap later, she went from face in the crowd to full-on siren. Yes, a newly dyed 'do can change your life, and Vogue has proof of just that: The magazine rounded up the top 15 hair-color changes of the past century. 

Not sure whether your hue is working for you? We suggest doing some research — but going with your gut in the end. Still stumped? Chat with your colorist — they'll be able to point you in the right direction. In the meantime, turn to these women for inspiration (or, perhaps, pinspiration). Click over to Vogue to peruse the entire list. (Vogue)