Celebrate Your Nerd-Girl Self With Tron-Inspired Jewelry From Tom Tom

Tron is BA-A-A-A-CK, and with the December release of Tron:Legacy comes a spectrum of accessory collaborations, including fresh and angular jewelry from Los Angeles-based jewelry brand TomTom. Enough to make you digi-queens salivate, the collection was contracted by Disney Consumer Products to reflect the cyber-universe of the cult-favorite brand. Pieces from the TomTom capsule incorporate mirrored blue lucite, blue topaz stones, and gunmetal-plated brass in 5 electric designs, and range from $255 for a grid escape ring to $495 for a legacy necklace. Our fave is the derez earrings... as in, get them before they derez. Expect these digi-pieces to drop soon for holiday '10.

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