CC Creams: Taking Over The World One Face At A Time

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    We warned you this day was coming, and looks like it's here: CC cream world domination is upon us. Like BBs before them, the new batch of color correcting face perfectors started off with a trickle, launching a cream here and a cream there, and then exploded onto the scene in the course of a few short weeks. Pretty much all of our go-to brands now have a CC to their name, and those that don't appear to have their own in the works.

    Still confused by all this double-alphabet madness? We'll break it down for you: CC cream, a.k.a. color-correcting cream, has more pigment than your BB (blemish or beauty balm). It is targeted at those women looking to hide skin tone unevenness, redness, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. Just like the BB before it, CC cream provides sun protection, hydration, and treatment benefits in one handy-dandy cream.

    Now that you know what it is, check out our list of the latest and greatest CC's to hit the market. Word to the wise: The shade ranges are (still) quite limited, so there are not a ton of options for girls with dark skin. Since many major brands keep neglecting to include larger shade ranges for girls who fall outside of the pale, paler, palest spectrum, here's hoping those that did release BBs for dark skin tones — Iman and AJ Crimson, we're looking at you — will launch their own CC's soon. In the meantime, there are a few tint-free options that focus on neutralizing unevenness, rather than covering it up, which are great options for all skin tones.

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