The Ultimate Rock N' Roll Club Returns For The Ultimate Rock N' Roll Festival

We’re petty sure that even our grandmother (who — love you, grandma — isn’t exactly the hippest broad around) knows CBGB means rock music. Of course, the legendary club where (insert liberty spikes here) punk rock was born shut its doors in 2006. Now, we may not have attended CBGB in its heyday, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t bummed to wave goodbye to the New York landmark. That’s why we’re super excited to put on our favorite band tee and attend the CBGB Festival. The fest, which takes place from July 5 to July 8 across 30 venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn, includes four key components: film premieres and screenings, a distilled spirits fest, conferences panels, and (um, obviously) live music.
There are over 300 (count 'em, 300!) bands appearing, which means there will be tons of opportunities to throw up the ol' devil horns (people still do that, right?). The festival stays true to the original CBGB mission by focusing on new music and emerging young bands. Basically, one of these acts could be the next Ramones or Patti Smith, and you’ll get to say you saw them when... Mixed in with these emerging artists are headliners like Cro-Mags, Vision of Disorder, and Sick of It All. We don’t know what it is about summer that makes concerts that much more fun, but we’re fully into it.
Music passes are $79 if you snag ‘em now, but they can be purchased for $89 on the day of the show. More bands will be announced in the coming weeks, but be sure to check out some those that are currently in the line-up below. Here’s hoping one of them plays Freebird!
Guided By Voices
Pains Of Being Pure at Heart
Cloud Nothings
War on Drugs
Craig Finn D Generation
The Cro-Mags
Sick Of It All
Vision of Disorder
The Baseball Project
David Johansen
Sister Sparrow & The DirtyBirds
Willie Nile
Rocket From The Tombs
LA Guns
Dirty Pearls
Ben Taylor
Popa Chubby
Harry Waters
Gary Lucas With Gods and Monsters
Eytan and the Embassy Richard Lloyd Waldos
Radio 4
Shayfer James
Sophie Madeleine
My Pet Dragon
Bardot Jon DeRosa
So So Glows
Joe D'Urso & Stone Caravan
PS I Love You
Orion Experience
Empire Beats featuring Camille Atkinson
The Killing Floor
Ingrid and The Defectors
Bebe Buell
The Noise
The Bowery Tones
Faith NYC
Two Lights
The Bamboo Kids
The Indecent
Brass Knuckle Evangelists
Mary C
New Cassettes
Waking Heroes
Daddy Long Legs
Van Hunt
Hollis Brown
Andy & The Rattlesnakes
Photo: Courtesy of CBGB Festival

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