The Novogratzes Hint At A Moonrise Kingdom-Inspired Collection

In design, there's usually two opposing schools of thought: the neutral-loving minimalists and the color-crazed. Well, now you can double major, according to longtime interior designers and HGTV stars Robert and Cortney Novogratz.
Ever the reliable sources, the design vets celebrated their second collection launch at CB2's Soho NYC store last Thursday with an array of tasty snacks and drinks, DJ jams, and an interactive treehouse display perfect for the Novogratz brood (there are seven kids!) The collection, inspired by their home in Brazil, features vibrant, bold colors and cultural accents popular in the country — think swinging chairs and basket-weaved chartreuse pillows. But before you less-is-more types click away, we chatted decor with the dynamic duo and gleaned tips to subtly introduce you to the world of color, as well as clothing inspiration, dream clients (Hint: They live in a big, white house), and a possible Moonrise Kingdom-inspired holiday collection.
Click through the slideshow for the deets and visit for the whole Brasil Collection.
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This collection is so much more colorful than your last for CB2, which was very downtown-chic. What else is different about this collection and the last?
Robert: "I think this is a more solid collection. The other one was a lot more about rugs and dining room table chairs, but this one has a lot of pieces and good price points, you know, where people don't have to buy $1,000 dining tables...I think it's a lot more accessible."

Cortney: "Well, obviously this one is inspired by our home in Brazil, which we've been going down to for about nine years now. And even when we were talking to CB2, saying we want lots of color, and they were like 'Even on the sofa?' and we were like, 'Yeah, because it really has to reflect the sea of Brazil."

Photo: Courtesy of CB2
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What are some tips for those who usually don't lean toward this bold, colorful aesthetic?
CN: "Start slow. You know, it could be with just a hot-pink throw pillow — and just live with it and then keep adding. So many people think, 'I don't want to paint an entire room a bold color.' But, you could paint maybe a door, you could paint the ceiling, you could just do the trim."

RN: "Or just use design as accents for pops of color."

What's your favorite piece in this collection?
CN: "I would have to say the credenza probably, because I feel like I could see that in every room in the house. It could be in the dining room, the living room, the home office, in the master bedroom. It could be in your kid's room, in the family I like that."

Photo: Courtesy of CB2
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RN: "Mine's the coffee table. CN: "He loves pink, too." RN: "I like the color, but I also like the industrial kind of vibe to it. That could have a whole, white room. It's all you need for the color; it brings the color."

Photo: Courtesy of CB2
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What do your kids feel about this collection?
CN: "They love it! They were swinging on the swing; they were playing with the game. When we shot the catalog, they pretty much saw everything, which is nice. They give us their honest opinion — what they like and what they don't like."

RN: "The monkey lamp is named Luli, and that's named after our daughter, Tallulah. And the blue chairs are called Breaker chairs, after our son, Breaker. And we always involve them in the design process — not all seven — but three or four of them love it. We try to include them, ask them questions, expose them to it."

Speaking of this collaborative process, do you guys ever butt heads?
CN: "All the time — there's definitely moments. But we trust each other and kind of have similar tastes. But if he really believes, like, you know, it should be pink, usually he's right."

Photo: Courtesy of CB2
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What other inspiration will you draw from for upcoming collections?
CN: "Europe. We love Europe."

RN: "We have a big holiday collection coming late fall for CB2. We're not gonna give away too many hints on it, but it'll be fun. It's different, very different from the other two."

C'mon. Just one hint?
RN: "We love the last Wes Anderson movie, Moonrise Kingdom, so we'll tell you that."

You've designed for so many celebrities so far, but who's your dream celeb-client?
RN: "Obama! We'd want to do something for the White House."

CN: "Yeah, that would be fun! There's kids living would be nice!"

Photo: Courtesy of CB2
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You guys dressed to match the occasion! What are you wearing today?
CN: "Mine is Brazilian-inspired. It's Missoni with a scarf that I picked up in Brazil. And, I'm not sure who Robert is wearing..."

RN: "I'm [wearing] vintage Yamamoto, who's my favorite designer, ever. Now my new favorite designer is Thom Browne."

What made you decide to pair those Thom Browne shorts with a suit jacket?
RN: "Honestly, I was jogging today and I saw some really stylish dude wearing something similar. I've been wanting to do it, so I was like, I'm gonna go for it."

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