E! Queen Catt Sadler Gives Great Face In Her Hancock Park Home

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on April 24, 2012.]
It takes guts galore to work it in front of a camera, particularly as a style news anchor on live TV. You've gotta know your shizz, think on your feet, and rock a ravishing face with grace while you're at it. That's why we give mad props to E! News correspondent Catt Sadler—she's always perfectly composed and the picture of well-versed perfection (you don't win an Emmy for phoning it in!).
And once we got to know the press star, one thing became clear: None of that camera quip is an act. Catt's brimming with down-to-earth Midwestern charm and has an unabashed personality that makes you want to instantly BFF her. She's truly the whole kit Catt and caboodle! We know you'll concur after glimpsing at her outstanding off-duty style, and reading about why there really are no airs about this on-air pro.
Photographed by Molly Cranna
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When did you realize you were getting your "big break" at work?
"I spent almost ten years as a local news reporter and anchor in San Francisco, and in my hometown of Indianapolis. We're talking 4 a.m. call times and 16-hour days. I did a lot of feature stories — everything from food to fashion, but I gravitated toward entertainment. I would sit in my living room watching Live from the Red Carpet on E!, and think to myself: ‘I could do that. I could do that very well.’ Although my job in broadcasting was lucrative and enjoyable, I had a severe itch to get to Hollywood. I asked my agent in NYC to set up some meetings in L.A. A few months later, I found myself auditioning as host for The Daily 10. Here I was, a mom of two from Indiana, the only mother, nearly the only brunette, and one of the few without fake boobs at the cattle call audition. A couple of callbacks and six weeks later, and the girl from the Heartland was packing for Hollywood!"

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How would you describe your signature on-camera look? How does that contrast with what you everyday style?
"My on-camera look is chic and sophisticated with a pop of edge. Clean, crisp lines are the most flattering on television. I tend to wear more color when I'm on camera as well. In everyday life, comfort is key. I live in denim most days, and obsess over shoes! You will rarely catch me in flats."

Photographed by Molly Cranna
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You obviously travel a lot — what are your favorite places to shop around the globe?
"I usually hit up Topshop when I'm in New York — since we still don't have one in L.A. Also, I'm in London quite a bit, and will often make a stop at Selfridges there. I love to hit Portobello Road and scour the market there for unique pieces. They have the most amazing vintage boutiques in London. They can be intimidating to shop in — you have to be ‘accepted’ into the store after ringing the bell — but it's an exhilarating shopping experience, and you'll find pieces you'll own forever."

Where do you get your daily style inspiration?
"The truth is, I don't buy a lot of magazines. I get most of my style inspiration on blogs, or at New York Fashion Week. I've had the privilege of going behind the scenes for E! News on several seasons. Once you attend a Vera Wang runway show, you're forever changed!"

Photographed by Molly Cranna
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What was the fashion scene like back in Indiana? How much has your style changed since you've moved to L.A.?
"In Indiana, we’re known for basketball and good ol’ Hoosier Hospitality. We’re not known for fashion. There wasn’t a mall within 30 minutes of the small town I lived in. I dreamed as I thumbed through the pages of Vogue of what it must be like to slide into those exquisite things by the world’s finest designers. Where I came from, the height of our hair dictated how much style we had, ha! I really started to define my personal style when I moved to California in the late ‘90s. I fell in love with the clothes I found at small boutiques in San Francisco. A whole new world opened up to me then."

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What’s the last thing you bought for spring?
"I splurged and bought Christian Louboutin's Un Bout heels. They're beauties — and really elongate the leg. I can wear them on set with dresses, but also with a slouchy boyfriend jean. Love."

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What's one of your most memorable moment from your time in the industry?
"My most memorable moment happened a couple of years back when I was interviewing Johnny Depp at Disneyland for the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean. He is my absolute favorite actor, and I’ve been crushing on him for years. I was hosting live premiere coverage, and was wearing a gold Disney pirate ‘booty’ necklace in the shape of a ship. Johnny was his normal gracious self — very warm and thoughtful, but somewhat shy. Near the end of the interview I playfully asked while pointing at my necklace, ‘What do you think of my booty?’

The crew laughed, Johnny chuckled, and then asked if he could touch it. I naturally responded that I’d been waiting my whole life for him to ask me that! He proceeded to grab my necklace, inspect it, and then responded with, ‘Your booty is so beautiful. It’s golden.’ It was a priceless live television moment. I got a quick kiss on my cheek after that interview, too. I didn’t wash my face for days!"

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What beauty products do you swear by on- and off-air?
"I was a makeup artist in college, so I have a true affinity for beauty products and skin care. Right now, I'm really into my YSL mascara and bronzer, my Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation, and my NARS natural lip color in Promiscuous. I always carry MAC Strobe for a moisturizing glow. When it comes to skin care, I can't live without my Clarisonic brush. It gently exfoliates skin and gets rid of that heavy, TV makeup residue. Regardless, this cleansing process will make your skin glow if you use it regularly. I moisturize my face morning and night with an assortment of Murad products. They work brilliantly!"

Photographed by Molly Cranna
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Any tips when it comes to posing for the camera?
"I've had to watch myself on TV for more than a decade, so I've certainly learned what works and what doesn't when I'm being shot. Posing is mostly about trying not to pose. If you're comfortable and relaxed, the observer feels the same. For the most flattering 'portrait' type shot, have your photographer shoot from eye level or above. Always."

What upcoming projects are you working on?
"I'm the president of a charity I founded called Women Like Us Hollywood. We mentor tween girls in the Los Angeles Unified School District. This takes a lot of time, but is truly one of the most rewarding things I do."

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Any embarrassing on-camera fashion moments?
"A few year’s back on Oscar Sunday, I was hosting some of our E! News coverage from the red carpet. We were about fifteen minutes from going live in more than 150 countries and the zipper on my gown decided to bust — it was broken beyond repair. My stylist at the time had to borrow a hair extension thread from a nearby hairdresser to sew me back into my gown, just in the nick of time."

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Do you watch yourself after your segments have aired?
"I don't watch myself all the time, but certainly on occasion. I usually flip on my DVR when I want to see how a certain interview was edited. That's one of the frustrating things about being an on-air personality — seeing your twenty-minute interview whittled down to three minutes. What I might think was my strongest work or the interview's best moment doesn't always make it to the final piece. It's just too difficult to micromanage these types of things when you do a daily show. But do I watch myself? Of course."

Photographed by Molly Cranna
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What designers are you crushing on at the moment?
"I love Paper London. I’ve been wearing it a lot on the show because of the streamlined, structured silhouettes. The collection is reserved enough for a nightly entertainment news program, but clearly fashion forward. Also, I really like Sachin and Babi. These clothes never fail to make me feel feminine and sexy at the same time. The fabrics are always interesting, and the silhouettes really flatter my body type. I own a few of those blazers and have worn two of the brand's gowns to events I hosted in the last few months. Oh, and Isabel Marant — a girl can dream! Her relaxed looks best describe my weekend style. I want one of everything from her spring '12 collection."

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Do you rely on your on-set stylist for personal garb as well?
"I've been working with my stylist, Amelian Kashiro, for almost two years now. She's a great listener and really understands my taste and body type. She pulls looks for me for E! News every day. She'll present about four or five options, and then we'll decide on the best look for that particular day. Some days, I try on the first dress, and it's that simple. Other days, it's not as easy, but with her talented eye, and a vintage belt here or an adjustment of the length there, we find it! She pulls from various showrooms in L.A., but also scours the globe for new up-and-coming designers. She really does her research, and takes pride in discovering new, talented designers. I detail what I wear on Twitter, which really helps give designers the exposure they're looking for."

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You must be so busy between hosting and traveling! How do you find time to spend with your young ones?
"I have the loveliest mix of work, travel, and family. I truly feel like I hit the lottery. Yes, it can become daunting at times, but I've got the most amazing support system imaginable. My husband is a ridiculous cook and works from our home office, so he picks up some of the domestic duties to make our lives more manageable. I focus on quality time with our boys, and make it a point to sit around the dinner table and converse as many nights a week as possible.

I'm also fortunate that my day at E! doesn't usually get going until after 9 a.m., so this allows me to take my kids to school in the morning, and send them off with lots of love. At the same time, because I work at least five days a week, I rarely get to go on those school field trips with my little guys. I suppose I'll always feel guilty about that, but try to make it up in other ways — like taking them to the Olympics this summer!"

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Any dream celeb encounters you've been able to make a reality (other than Johnny)?
"I saw Sophie’s Choice when I was in the 6th grade, and knew then I wanted to meet Meryl Streep. I’ve been a huge fan for decades. Just this past year, I got to interview her in New York while she was promoting The Iron Lady. I had ten whole minutes with Meryl! When I walked into the room, she gasped, paused, and then told me she thought I was Angelina Jolie (it must have just been the blinding lights!). Swear. Yet another reason to fall in love with her. Anyway, the interview flew by, and it was hardly long enough. I genuinely felt like I was in the presence of greatness. It was a spiritual experience. Meryl is maternal, thoughtful, and excruciatingly intelligent. I’ll never forget it."

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After a crazy-hectic day, what do you do to wind down?
"I'm a music fanatic. When I walk in the door, I put on anything from classical to Lana del Rey or my new favorite Spanish act, Jarabe del Palo, and just kind of unwind. A nice glass of red wine generally assists in that process as well. I also just love getting into the minds of my kids. I'll insist that they come sit close to me and tell me about the best part of their day. It makes me feel more connected. It's also typically a nice, sobering reminder that even though Brangelina got engaged, the real news is that Arion got an excellent card for good behavior from his first grade teacher. Now these are the important things in life."

For gals who want to someday become TV hosts, what's your best advice?
"Never, ever try to model your career after someone else's. Be a first-rate version of yourself, not a second-rate version of someone else. Be authentic in all that you do. Write your own beautiful, unique story. And most importantly, zone out the ‘shoulds.’ If I had listened to my News Director when I was 22, who told me to go to Paducah, Kentucky and work my way up…who knows where I’d be now!"

Photographed by Molly Cranna