5 Feline-Shaped Gadgets That Are The Cat's Meow

To say that we like cats would be a vast understatement. They possess the magic to make everything instantly better — from our outfits to dragging work days.
Needless to say, we're constantly looking for ways to add more pawsomeness in our lives. And, lucky for us, tech gear seems to be having a kitty-obsessed moment lately. From headphones (with ears) to cheeky cameras, click on for a crop of feline gadgets that look cute and make our lives more efficient. Let your inner cat lady show herself now.
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Dr. Dre who? This audio gadget is truly the cat's whiskers. Designed by two UC Berkley grads, Axent Wear's glow-in-the-dark headphones feature a pair of rad feline ears that doubles as speakers. But, don't get your claws out just yet: The product will be crowdfunded through Kickstarter for roughly $115 a pop, and won't be available for another couple of weeks. Head to their website for more updates on the campaign.
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Well-read kittens are more than just a meme. This candy-colored one can read four memory cards all on its own.
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Puppy dog eyes may be endearing, but it's pretty much impossible to resist the adorable stare of these Bluetooth amplifiers.
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You'll never find a better bodyguard for your smartphone. Or, one that nibbles on the corner of your screen in such a loving way.
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This camera's dedication to all things feline goes beyond its cute packaging. A recording of cat cries plays whenever you press the front button, capturing the attention of your favorite puss. That's one way to prevent your pet from turning its back on the lens at your next #selfie session.