Fur-ocious Pics From The Cat Fashion Show

If you've been stewing for years about the fact that no one has yet to make a cat-version of Best In Show, brace yourself—our wily photographer (and resident cat enthusiast) stumbled upon this feline-fête that's got our whole office in hysterics. Specifically, the Fashionable Feline Extravaganza, an event thrown by the North Shore Animal League, to celebrate the birthday of the Alqonquin Hotel's resident kitty, Matilda. Part fashion show, part Cat Lady convention, this year's bash played host to a procession of Persians, Siameses, Sphinxes, Cheshires, and a handful a Tabbies dressed up as everything from Edward Cullen to Elizabeth Taylor—plus, what pet party would be complete without an Avatar? So, brace yourself—our gallery of fur-balls is not for the feline faint of heart.
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Mad hatter iz not crazeh, iz angreh!
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I iz deh prettiest.
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I iz not Raggedeh Ann, I iz Chuckie!.
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I iz brooding.
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U iz my life now Bella.
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I iz not Raggedeh.
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And u see I'm a gypseh.
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I iz zen master.
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Dis outfit iz almost as bright as mah personality.
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I send u hate vibes in 3D.
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Avatar kitteh mourns the destrucshun of his planet.
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I curse u wif mah abracadara!
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Diamonds are a kitteh's best friend.
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I killed teh witch, not Dorothy!
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Bow down before meh.
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Tonight, I keel u.
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Mais oui, I shall conquer ur heart wif mah cuteness.
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Dis iz mah garden parteh outfit.
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Stay away puppehs!
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I charm you wif my snakey dance.
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U ain't nuthin but a lolcat.
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Om nom nom.
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Happeh Birfday Matilda!
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Iz happeh.
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For teh kitties wif discriminating taste.