Beat S.F.'s Bag Ban With These Cute Local Totes

As much as we love a lavish carryall, sometimes nothing strikes our fancy more (especially for those last-minute grocery runs) than a no-fuss tote. But, just because we keep our over-the-shoulder choices low-key, doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice the wow factor. Plus, now that the paper or plastic option will be a thing of a past (with a new bag ordinance mandating all retail stores in S.F. to charge for bags), we’re definitely on the hunt for eye-catching iterations.
With our roundup of cute grocery-shopping-appropriate totes, everybody wins: the city, the environment, and those of us who are looking for an excuse to buy yet another adorable accessory! And to pay homage to our city's gumption — we were, after all, the first to ban plastic bags back in 2007 — these options can all be found within our seven-mile radius. So, get ready to strut down the cereal aisle like it's the runway, because "I love your bag!" is the new "Paper or plastic?"
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Job and Boss Blocked Tote, $225, available at Accident and Artifact.
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Doug Johnston The Hawla Tote, $259, available at General Store.
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Holly Samuelsen Boob Tote Bag, $210, available at Gravel and Gold.
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Nila Anthony Canary Weekend Tote, $54, available at Fancy French Cologne.
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Baggu Coral Tote, $24, available at Seedstore.
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Mitten Maker Antique Canvas Tote With Leather Handles, $125, available at Mitten Maker.
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Tantrum Tote, $12, available at Tantrum.
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Frost River Lake Michigan Tote, $95, available at Revolver.
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House of Harlow Phoenix Tote, $402, available at Bell Jar.