Home Tour! Inside The Boho Brooklyn Digs Of A West Village Shop Owner

Over freshly brewed Blue Bottle coffee and organic handmade chocolate macaroons (still warm from the oven) on her weathered dining-room table, it's hard to imagine that Kerrilynn Pamer and her photographer husband, John, have only lived in their Prospect Heights apartment for six years. As the owner of West Village boutique Castor & Pollux, the go-to shop for elegant, eclectic nomads, Pamer's interior design sense is as global as the wares she stocks, albeit with a maximalist bent that rarely gets checked. The result is a home that looks like it's been lived-in forever. There's a Miss Havisham feel sans the depressing decay—Dickens' killjoy could hardly appreciate the sun that streams in from the gigantic picture windows, framing a fish-tank view of Prospect Park. Indeed, the weathered floorboards and sagging bookcases bulge with life, from basil putting down roots in the kitchen (beside fermenting Kombucha) to her can-we-keep-them dogs Otto and Beba. If everything looks like it has a story, it's because it does, which Pamer narrates as we shoot every crammed corner. While you can't bite her memories, our slideshow may inspire you to copy her décor genius—and have a macaroon.
Click through and savor our snaps, complete with captions!
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"Bear bookends that were a Christmas gift from my husband, John. I love anything to do with animals—I'm always trying to bring more home so I seem to receive them as gifts in the form of statues! They're next to an old lamp from Martha by Mail."
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"In the living room on the sofa with Beba, our rescue from Puerto Rico. We inherited the sofa from my Aunt Maggie, my style icon. She was the chicest woman around and had a real love for finding and sourcing the best of the best. The sofa is around 150 years —it's clearly been in the family a long time. I'm surrounded by loads of books and a lot of objects that I love - a terrarium that I made for John, some pieces from Mexico, and more books!"

Kerrilynn is wearing a Risto sweater, Alexander Wang T-shirt, Alexandre Herchcovitch skirt, and Rag & Bone heels.
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"On the sofa with our other rescue, Otto. A homeless guy gave him to me when the store used to be in Brooklyn —the best gift I've ever received! I'm under a bunch of Hiroshige woodblock prints that were from my Granny. She got them when they lived in Japan at the turn of the century, quite a bit of the furniture is from Japan. My grandfather worked in the shipping industry so they lived in all sorts of places including Kobe, Tokyo, Manila, and Shanghai before settling in Oregon."
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"Detail of the bar—a very important part of our home! Handmade 40th birthday card from John and one of my favorite photos that our friend Takahiro Kaneyama took of John in the backyard of our old house around the corner."
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"Corner view of living room with some needlepoint pillows - one from Aunt Maggie and I can't remember where the other is from. I love needlepointing myself and learned this from Aunt Maggie as well."
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'Corner of living room that functions as our dining area and record storage. John's collection used to be 19 feet long but it's been whittled down over the years. The chairs are from my family and covered in a dragon fabric that I love. The oil painting hanging on the wall was in the family as well. Otto under the table, his usual spot, hoping for crumbs to fall to the floor!"
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"Detail shot of foyer wall. The pheasant is from an antique store in Oregon, the horse photo is from John, and shot near the Oregon coast. The rest of the pieces are from Brimfield many years ago, and a lovely sketch from friends."
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"Kombucha central! John is a genius at making beverages and this is his latest project which I love because it satisfies my Kombucha addiction—we're hoping to sell it at C&P once we figure out packaging!"
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"In front of the cookbook wall with my captive audience, Beba. I've been collecting cookbooks since I was around 18 and they have taken over a large part of our apartment (and a storage unit. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, we might end up on Hoarders!) On the wall is a horse tile that was a lovely gift from friends. See, more animals!"

Kerrilynn is wearing a Hache top, Filippa K velvet jeans, and Rag & Bone heels
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"The other beverage corner of the kitchen. Coffee gets pretty serious in our house—I'm from Oregon so I think I'm hardwired! Our machine is the Rancilio Silvia and Rancilio Rocky Grinder, the best home espresso machine in my opinion. Life changing. I'm making coffee from Blue Bottle, the only place John will buy beans anymore. And it's being served up in gorgeous mugs from Adam Silverman, a master potter in California who now runs Heath Ceramics. We collect his pieces. Love."
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"Notes from our Godchildren, wedding invites, yoga schedule, grocery list, and coupon for an InDesign lesson that expired last year. Need to redeem that soon."
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"Calendar in kitchen that was a gift from a friend. She gets these calendars every year and gives them out as gifts, I love that."
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"Otto hanging out in the bedroom, hoping to get on the bed as soon as we leave the room."
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"Uh- oh, another collection—this time perfume. A sketch that was given to Aunt Maggie in the '70s. More animals."
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"Detail of rings and earrings. Castor & Pollux necklace that we had made at the Fulton Street Mall in Brooklyn 10 years ago when the store opened."
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"Desk shot. Photo by friend A.L. Steiner of our friends performance, C.L.U.E. Totally beautiful. A triptych photo that John took of our old dog, Diablo. RI. A few more animal statues and some leather samples that I'm deciding on for our C&P leather collection that will be in the store in September."
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"Pile of books with a little Mexican dog on top. The picture of the horses is a a gift from A.L Steiner."
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"Otto and myself just loving each other. Castor & Pollux Maggie Bracelets, Cartier watch, Dream Collective cuffs."
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"Bathroom shot of cactus, wood, and shells from Tulum. Tata Harper products as well as Nars oil—beach time!"