Pure. Gorgeousness. 10 Cartier Pieces You'll Adore — Even If Bling's Not Your Thing

It may come off a bit Liz Taylor to describe these 12 Cartier pieces as "dazzling" — but we can live with that. There's no other word for it: These are breathtaking, and we're not even that into fine jewelry (give us a chunky vintage cocktail ring or leather cuff and we're happy).
Even if the only diamond you love is that Rihanna song on your iPod, you have to admit, there's something about Cartier's signature combination of luxury and simplicity. Click on to see our 10 favorites — from the edgy, nail-shaped Juste Un Clou bracelet to the spare, sturdy Tank Ring, you don't have to be a bling devotée to love the pure elegance of these designs.
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Cartier Love Ring, $6,200, available at Cartier.
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Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet, $11,275, available at Cartier.
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Cartier Diamants Légers De Cartier Ring, $1,870, available at Cartier.
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Cartier Trinity De Cartier Bracelet, $8,450, available at Cartier.
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Cartier Panthère De Cartier Necklace, $7,925, available at Cartier.
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Cartier Tank Solitaire Ring, contact Cartier for pricing, available at Cartier.
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Cartier Caresse D'Orchidées Par Cartier Ring, $2,540, available at Cartier.
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Cartier Entrelacés Ring, $3,370, available at Cartier.
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Cartier Trinity De Cartier Bracelet, $540, available at Cartier.
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Cartier Évasions Joaillieres Pendant Necklace, $13,800, available at Cartier.