Carry a Piece of History With Temple Bag's WWII Duffels



While a monogrammed Louis Vuitton duffel might be out of question this season (it was hard to make room for a piece of designer luggage and the other 29183 things on our winter wishlists), our vintage carpetbags and totes are beginning to fall apart from all the abuse we've given it, and we're on the lookout for a replacement. The hottest contender in the weekender stakes? Temple bags, started by Steve Opperman, which are made from World War II field wool blankets, duffel bags, and camp packs. Seeing as how these materials have survived a war and the intervening 60 or so years, we're betting that these historically-rich bags won't start tearing anytime soon. So first the bag, and then—anyone up for a quick vacay?