This Is Our Jam Premieres: Carousel, "Another Day"

Kevin Friedman and Jackson Phillips (a.k.a. Carousel) met while attending the Berklee College of Music, which makes sense considering the band's knack for constructing pillowy synth-pop seemingly from thin air. New single "Another Day" drifts by like a warm breeze, with the breathy vocals offering tender, possibly romantic musings. "You got me feeling I want to stay another day," sings the band, amidst chilled-out synths and '80s-leaning guitar licks. Fans of Phoenix or Passion Pit's mellower tracks should feel right at home.
According to the band: "Another Day is inspired by the experiences we had on our first tour. It was our first time traveling from city to city, and we only had one day in each place. We always seemed to get ourselves into crazy situations, with friends we had only met that day. The idea of leaving the next morning is always sad, especially when you become attached to certain experiences. We always wonder what it would be like if we spent another day in that place, with those people."
"Another Day "
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