Inside Valentino Insider Carlos Souza's Eclectically Amazing APT

In the middle of our exclusive photo shoot with Valentino PR genius Carlos Souza, he moves some of his most precious possessions — a meditation shrine of fresh flowers, powerful crystals, and photos of his two sons — to the floor to help arrange a shot. The small vase with the peonies spills and water floods the home photos and the carpet. "That shot's done!" he exclaims, "We move on!" And, that's just the way he is: efficient, easy going, and energetic.
To Valentino Garavani (and now creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli), Carlos Souza is a right-hand man, a PR genius, and a friend. To us, he's an outgoing Brazilian-New Yorker man-about-town who graciously invited us in for a morning of impecable outfits (and equally chic eclectic home decor). True, walking by the U.N. on Manhattan's far East side, you'd never guess a fun yet calming abode lay just steps away, nor that Valentino's voice and visionary, Carlos Souza and his drop-dead gorgeous wife, live in the hood. But, now you can tour inside their pad and peek Carlos' newest jewelry designs which, you guessed it, are as laid-back bad-ass as his designer digs. A testament to travel and an oasis of serenity, Carlos' home may be a far cry from the crisp Valentino garments he loves, wears, and helps send down the runway, but, promise, it's no less breathtaking.
Click through for an exclusive, insider tour of Carlos' pad and his covetable closet.
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How would you describe your style?    
"Eclectic Latin Lover with an oriental fascination on my mind, but more of a preppy mix of uptown/ downtown fineries with an European twisted taste."

Charles Philip loafers, Regini shirt, Valentino Jacket and pants.

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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How does Valentino's style translate into your home aesthetic?
  "I guess there's no relation since my home aesthetic is quite an eclectic one and is based on my many travels to far-out places on the globe. Oriental and far-East posts are a big source of inspiration."

Do you redesign your apartment each season? And, is there anything you want to scoop up for summer?
  "Yes, I love seasons changing. I recently picked up great John Derian summer covers for pillows in a Japanese / oriental cotton with oriental motifs."

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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How closely do you keep up with Most Wanted Design? Is there any jewelry men can't wear?    "My designs for Most Wanted Design are pretty much unisex , so many things are used by friends and are always designed with an ethnic approach and unisex approach as a base of inspiration."

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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Carlos' horse watches over the main living room and wears his "Most Wanted Design" necklaces.

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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What are your favorite home decor shops in NYC?   "I love ABC Carpet and Pearl River, also Crate and Barrel is a good weekend destination; also, Global table and De Vera."

Charlotte Olympia loafers, Valentino shirt, Valentino shirt, Valentino pants, Japanese belt.

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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What are you favorite menswear labels? 
  "I live in Valentino, with its new creative team doing incredible designs and accessories. I also like  Yohji Yamamoto, Uniqlo, and J Crew. I love to design my easy looks with an ethnic approach and execute them in my travels with tailors in Napoli, Hong Kong, Jaipur, and Marrakesh."

Charlotte Olympia loafers.

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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Carlos' bedside shelves are decorated with flowers, religious ornaments, and a cheeky night mask.

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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What are your summer plans?
  "I want to visit the orient again — Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam and Shanghai for shopping and then Mexico and Brasil for leisure time with friends and family in August. For sure, I will insert a little Mediterranean cruise with friends mid-July!"

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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What's your one guilty pleasure — food, TV show — that readers would be surprised about? 
  "I am indeed a great gourmand gourmet and LOVE cooking a great pasta. I lived in Italy for many years and became addicted to Mediterranean foods/dishes. I cook a MEAN Spaghetti al vongole!"

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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What was your favorite Valentino red carpet moment? 
"I guess the Oscars that Julia Roberts and Cate Blanchette won — dressed in Valentino —are my favorites. It was really top class couture, fantastic performances, and an affair that made my Oscar experience quite unique."

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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Carlos sets the stage with a small meditation shrine that includes flowers, powerful crystals, and photos of his family.

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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What is your top look for summer?
  "In the city I love my Valentino linen suits worn with my Stubbs & Wootton slippers. I do prefer easy looks for weekends in Uniqlo, and I always pair them with my jewelry and smart shoes. I pick up my sneakers from an L.A. store on Melrose that's so cool — it's called Sportie LA."

J.Crew shirt, Elsa Peretti for Tiffany belt, Valentino Pants, Horiyoshi III Jacket, Most Wanted Design jewelry.

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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Carlos' bed is serene in purple hues that match the rest of his pad.

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri
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Do you have any upcoming projects for us to look forward to? 
  "Yes, I'm working on a great event with the Brazil Foundation for September in NYC; also, Valentino is designing costumes for a  Ballet Gala with NYCBallet... it is going to be quite a hectic fall and I am soooo ready for it."

Stubbs and Wooton shoes, J.Crew shirt, Elsa Peretti for Tiffany belt, Valentino Pants, Horiyoshi III Jacket, Most Wanted Design jewelry.

Photographed by Carissa Pelleteri