These Inspiring, Limited-Edition Bracelets Turn Bombs Into Bangles

Among the horrors of wartime violence, particularly in one of Asia's poorest countries, Laos, are the materials used to make the (capsule) bracelets. With past and present generations haunted by the violence of the Vietnam war and the countless bombs that terrorized their home, peaceBOMB is now encouraging and supporting local artisanship with the sale of these bangles, made of metal scraps from the bombs that remain on their land.
Each of the (capsule) bracelets features the exclusively designed engraved arrow and they are sold in sets of three for either $40 or $60. While we're instinctually sold on the simplistic piece of jewelry, we're also moved by the sentiment and the ability to create beauty from a tragic situation.
Rock the wrist wear and support the cause directly at peaceBOMB by Article 22.
Photo: Courtesy of peaceBOMB

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