Shutterbug Candice Lake's 4 Picture-Perfect Looks

During Fashion Week, there are a few friendly faces that one needs to see before it officially feels like Fashion Week: Bill Cunningham, Anna Wintour, Tommy Ton, Susie Bubble... and now, Candice Lake. After meeting and falling in love with the shutterbug during the past few seasons, we've started to count on glimpsing that flash of blonde hair, that sweep of lipstick, and killer ensembles that deserves to be in front of the camera as much as behind it. Seriously, Candice's daring Fashion Week style is just as (if not more!) compelling than her subjects, and if there's anyone that can pull of the Second Amendment trend (the right to bear arms — zing!), it's her. Candice was kind enough to show off four of her favorite outfits as well as share some style and shooting secrets that make her one of the the loveliest lensman this side of the runway.
Photographed by Sam Horine
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Candice wears a Rue du Mail sweater, Acne leather pants, Lanvin boots, and a Chanel bag.

Have you learned any styling tricks from the people you shoot?
"Layering is king! Also, just because it looks amazing on your favorite editor doesnʼt mean it will work for you. Iʼve learned to totally embrace my own style. Push it a little and experiment, but donʼt divert from it too much."

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Being a street style photographer probably demands its own set of dressing rules. What do you wear when you hit the streets for shots?
"I wear a lot of bold statement pieces mixed with classic staples and LOTS of color. I live in leather pants, as they are super comfortable to shoot in. I am six feet tall, so I can get away with wearing flats, which I think are completely under-rated. As much as I love heels, I never go over 3-inch heels when I'm with my camera. For me, it is more important to get a great shot while still looking chic, rather than ridiculously running down the street in 5-inch heels!"

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Cherry-red Lanvin boots.

What's the latest cheap thrill you've acquired?
"Iʼm in love with these '70s port glasses I just bought at a vintage pop-up shop for our new house."

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Who are some of your photographic and style inspirations?
"I don't think I can isolate just one photographer as my primary inspiration; I love so many different photographers for different reasons. I love Rineke Dijkstra, Katy Grannan, Alec Soth, and Philip-Lorca diCorcia —they are so clever at taking the banal and everyday and making it thought-provoking and beautiful. Martin Parr is also another huge inspiration, and I love Thomas Ruff's portraits from the '80s. For style, it's Carolyn Bessette, Lauren Bacall, and Charlotte Rampling; I love empowered women whose style reflects individuality and strength."

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Candice wears Erdem trousers and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi for Topshop heels.

Tell us about your camera. What idiosyncrasies do you love about it?
"My poor little Canon 5D Mark II camera has really been through the wars…but still never lets me down. It is now an extension of me."

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Candice's prized Rolex.

Hats are definitely your style quirk. Have you gotten any super special ones recently?
"I have an ongoing obsession with Maison Michel, my latest piece is a beaded headband with shells and pearls — it is so gorgeous. This seasonʼs collection is pretty amazing and I canʼt wait to get my hands on it!"

Photographed by Sam Horine
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What's your biggest on-the-road vice?
"Champagne…although I think that's my biggest vice in general."

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Who are your favorite subjects to shoot?
"I love shooting girls with confidence and a really strong sense of style. Editors, stylists, and models such as Lily Kwong, Emily Weiss, Taylor Tomasi Hill, and Francesca Burns are all inspiring. Although I always love seeing how young fashion assistants and students interpret fashion. I'm also inspired when I see girls reinvent their own style season after season and students who aren't yet aware that they have great style and have a sense of awkwardness to them."

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Candice wears a Joseph coat, Isabelt Marant necklace, Michale Kors sweater, Rue du Mail dress (worn as skirt), and Tory Burch boots.

New York, Paris, or London?
"I love each for different reasons. Everyone is so perfectly put together in New York and no one is afraid of colors, which I love. London is where I shoot all my favorite girls — all the cool experimental ladies are in London, and Paris has the most dreamy light and everyone is impossibly chic!"

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Celine Sunglasses.

What are the three beauty products you use every day?
"Dermalogica Ultra calming cleansing gel, Dr Spillers blue face cream, Kiehl's suncream — All do wonders and are amazing."

Photographed by Sam Horine
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An Isabel Marant necklace.

What music are you listening to right now?
"Bo Diddley over and over again!"

Photographed by Sam Horine
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Does it ever get lonely during Fashion Week, or do you have a clique of shutterbug friends?
"There is no time to be lonely! We are with each other so much that it is like being back in school. So many of us stay in the same hotels, and we generally see each other every day, so it is basically one long trip with all your friends, which is amazing. "

Photographed by Sam Horine
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What's your breakfast of choice?
"Lots and lots of lattes and a croissant from Tobyʼs Estate in Brooklyn."

Photographed by Sam Horine