10 Reasons You Should Consider The Canadian Tuxedo For Your Next OOTD

For a style inherently American, the dubiously named Canadian tuxedo aka denim on denim gets a pretty bad rap. Jeans have been an American staple that's almost as old as the country itself and clearly, still has a hold on fashion today for good reason — so how could doubling up on the trend be so bad?
But the question remains - how does one pull it off without committing the ultimate Britney and Justin faux pas (or iconic moment depending on who you ask)? It's more simple than you think.
For some inspiration, we're looking to a few ladies who do it best. From going monochromatic, to opting for a denim skirt over denim pants, these versions of the Canadian tuxedo will have you wondering why you haven't been stacking denim all along.
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Denim on denim: issa lewk. #latergram #spring #goldenhour #nyc #denim

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🍋💙 @charlottestoneshoes @nanushka @herthelabel Photo by @courtmoly

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Not sponsored 🇮🇹

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Bought a Levi's jacket the color of the Golden Gate Bridge and I'm just really excited to be home next week ❤️🌉

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Double D🔄➿⏩🔤

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#LatelyIvebeen ... Waiting on my crystal ball 🔮

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Weekend plans include: wearing winter white in "spring" and binge watching TBS's Search Party. Hbu? ❄️#ad

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