31 Celebrities You Forgot Were Canadian

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There are certain people you will never forget are Canadian, like Justin Bieber and Drake. Others, though, are more subtle and surprising.
In no industry has the Canadian invasion been more welcome, though, than Hollywood. Americans may be completely ignorant about Canadian geography or other cultural facts, but we're well aware of the steady influx of handsome men named Ryan and other talented folks that stream down from the land of mounties, loonies, and toonies.
Some of your favorite stars just so happen to hail from north of the U.S. border. Get a load of these 31 maple leafs who are all that and a side of syrup. In honor of Canada Day, we welcome our Canadian overlords.
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Seth Rogen

Birthplace: Vancouver, Canada

Stoners come all corners of the globe.
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Anna Paquin

Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Her family moved to New Zealand when she was four, but Paquin’s True Blood started in Canada.
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Matthew Perry

Birthplace: Williamstown, Massachusetts

Perry was born in the States, but his mother was the former press secretary to Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. So, he's got that dual citizenship happening.
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Joshua Jackson

Birthplace: Vancouver

Dawson's Creek may be in North Carolina, but Joshua Jackson is from Canada.
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Emily VanCamp

Birthplace: Port Perry, Ontario

She’s best known for playing a character with a MAJOR secret on Revenge — that she’s Canadian.
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Jason Priestley

Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia

The quintessential all-American teen heartthrob from Beverly Hills, 90210 had a dark secret after all: a Canadian passport.
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Ryan Reynolds

Birthplace: Vancouver

This means the Lively-Reynolds baby will be half Canadian, you guys.
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Kim Cattrall

Birthplace: Mossley Hill, Liverpool, Lancashire

Though she was born in England, Cattrall moved to the Canadian city Courtenay in British Columbia when she was an infant. After she graduated high school, she went straight to NYC. How Sex and the City is that?
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Keanu Reeves

Birthplace: Beirut, Lebanon

Reeves has lived in lots of cities, including Sydney, Australia. But, your American action hero is 100% Canadian.
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Alanis Morissette

Birthplace: Ottawa, Ontario

You oughta know this one.
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Hayden Christensen

Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia

Anakin Skywalker got his start at age 13 when he began starring in Canadian television.
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Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario

The former TRL host is, indeed, Qu’anadian.
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Sandra Oh

Birthplace: Nepean, Ontario

The Grey's Anatomy star's origins make her a perfect Wheel of Fortune before and after puzzle: Sandra Oh, Canada!
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Ryan Gosling

Birthplace: London, Ontario

What is in that Canadian water that everyone's just so beautiful?
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Pamela Anderson

Birthplace: Ladysmith, British Columbia

Fun fact: Anderson was also the Centennial Baby in 1967. She was the first baby born on the 100th anniversary of Canada's official founding. So she's like REALLY Canadian.
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Kiefer Sutherland

Birthplace: London, England

Although he was born in England, Kiefer William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus Sutherland (yes, that is his full name) is basically Canadian royalty. His parents were both successful Canadian actors, and his maternal grandfather is said to have introduced universal healthcare to the country. Kiefer was once named the fourth most powerful Canadian living in America by Canadian Business Magazine. We assume Ryan Gosling was numbers one through three on that list.
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Ellen Page

Birthplace: Halifax, Canada

Page's career actually began with roles in Canadian television shows, like Pit Pony, Trailer Park Boys, and ReGenesis.
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Will Arnett

Birthplace: East York, Ontario

Just let this information sink in for a minute.
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Emmanuelle Chriqui

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec

You know her as Sloan from Entourage, but let’s not forget that Chriqui played the romantic lead opposite Lance Bass in On the Line. The early aughts were such a magical time. Oh yeahhhhh.
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Jim Carrey

Birthplace: Newmarket, Ontario

Carrey got his comedy start in Toronto before he made his way to the U.S. — and eventually, a little place called Aspen.
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Michael J. Fox

Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta

One of our greatest national treasures and favorite teen wolf is a gift from above, geographically speaking.
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Elisha Cuthbert

Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta

Her Happy Endings character was a bit dim, but as a kid, Cuthbert actually hosted a TV show called Popular Mechanics for Kids with another future Canadian export, Jay Baruchel.
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Patrick J. Adams

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario

The charismatic Suits star came to the States to attend USC and never left. That is, until he was shipped back to his hometown to film Suits for the USA network. It’s a bit ironic, don’t you think?
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Shay Mitchell

Birthplace: Mississauga, Ontario

This Pretty Little Liar’s got a secret (gotta keep it): She’s not from around here.
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Taylor Kitsch

Birthplace: Kelowna, British Columbia

Texas forever, Tim Riggins. Except you're Canadian, which complicates things.
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Mike Myers

Birthplace: Scarborough, Ontario

Myers actually holds U.S., Canadian, and British citizenships. Maybe that's why he's so good at impersonations.
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Neve Campbell

Birthplace: Guelph, Ontario

Don’t Scream; surely you knew this crafty wild thing hailed from a higher latitude.
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Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario

The EDM-producing, human-mouse hybrid was born Joel Thomas Zimmerman (sans mouse ears).
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Celine Dion

Birthplace: Charlemagne, Quebec

Near, far...wherever you are, her French-Canadian heart will go on.
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William Shatner

Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec

Beam me up [to Canada], Scotty.
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Rachel McAdams

Birthplace: London, Ontario

This means half of the stars in season two of True Detective are Canadian.
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k.d. lang

Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta

Raised on the Canadian prairie, singer-songwriter k.d. lang received the nation’s highest honor — the Order of Canada — in 1996.
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