Style Syllabus: Campus Street Style From UCB To Columbia

Cheating is bad. We know this. But in select sartorial situations, it's okay to be a copycat — especially when other peoples' get-ups are so inspiring. So, let this guide be the outfit version of the trig functions written on the bottom of your shoe, and steal some style ideas for this term. College students might get a bad rap for lazy dressing, but this new guard of fashion fanatics is sharper than you think. From Berkeley to Columbia, here are the campus street-style looks that'll scare your sweats into graduating early!
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Franciska, UC Berkeley

Testing out one of our favorite ways to wear an oversized top: loosely knotted at the hip.

Shirin Ghaffary/David Getman
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Onyi Bkwandu, UC Berkeley

Popping a squat to flash us a big, bright smile.

Shirin Ghaffary/David Getman
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Jessica Larez, UC Berkeley

Loose-fit chambray, leggings, and moccasins make for an awesome, laid-back campus uniform.

Shirin Ghaffary/David Getman
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Lilliana Kaplan, UC Berkeley

A floral print that's perfect for this sunny San Fran day.

Shirin Ghaffary/David Getman
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Omega Truneh, UC Berkeley

This floor-length print is only topped by Omega's beautiful head of hair.

Shirin Ghaffary/David Getman
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Dominique Collins, Darrin Wallace, Jasmine Johnson, Qadry Presley, aka "The Breakfast Club," UC Berkeley

A modern-day brat pack with style just as appealing as the originals.

Shirin Ghaffary/David Getman
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Katrine Thomasen, Columbia University/ Barnard College

Forget boring bags, we want Katrine's camel satchel to tote to class.

Nurit Lewis
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Julia Baum, Columbia University/ Barnard College

A+ style. Balloons not optional.

Nurit Lewis
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Nurit Lewis, Columbia University/ Barnard College
Breaking from the books in hot-colored hot pants.

Ilana Schulder
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My Seppo and Ann Kathryne Mills, Columbia University/ Barnard College

Basic tees are anything but boring, especially mixed with two pairs of awesome platforms.

Dara Weiss
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Nora Rose, Columbia University/ Barnard College

A Lennon t-shirt is always a smart choice.

Nurit Lewis
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Alex Eynon, Columbia University/ Barnard College

We really dig her bright idea to add just a hint of leopard.

Ilana Schulder
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Julie Lee, Columbia University/ Barnard College

Looking sleek in nautical stripes and neutral accents.

Dara Weiss
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Janelle Flores and friend, Columbia University/ Barnard College

A perfect pair... of sunnies, that is.

Dara Weiss
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Emily Gustafson, University of Michigan

Button downs, black belts, muted colors— do you think they got the memo?

Photographed by Charlene Lerner
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Rachel Arseneault, University of Michigan

Campus style is elevated from the ordinary in this sleek blazer and high-waisted jeans.

Photographed by Charlene Lerner
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Tatiana Hofmans, University of Michigan

Clearly multiple layers of color, knits, and socks make Tatiana one happy student. Photographed by Charlene Lerner
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Ameer Lampkins, University of Michigan

Fresh style courtesy of a freshman.

Photographed by Charlene Lerner
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Alex, University of Michigan

Jeans and a tee never fail. Neither does a hairstyle of loose, pretty ringlets. Photographed by Charlene Lerner
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Mickenzie Carpenter, University of Michigan

Posing with our choice of campus transportation, and in a color you can't miss.

Photographed by Charlene Lerner
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Amy, Harvard University

Campus caffeine fixes just got a little more stylish.

Mattie Kahn
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Briony, Boston University

Pretty in pastel and a sweet little draped jacket.

Mattie Kahn
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Louise Decoppet, Harvard University

Louise zhuzhes basic gray with a fun, graphic scarf.

Mattie Kahn
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Carol and Maeve, Harvard University

Which do you prefer? Slouchy shorts in a small print, or a cotton-down top with large-scale florals?

Mattie Kahn
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Lena, Harvard Law School

No-nonsense boots for braving a Boston autumn.

Mattie Kahn
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Marilu, Harvard Grad Student

This Spanish student's scarf is muy bonita, as is her wildly-styled hair 'do.

Mattie Kahn
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Pauline Mallea, Harvard University

A sophisticated look in this season's cover-all cape.

Mattie Kahn
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Philip, MIT

Displaying the killer combination of brains and a bow tie.

Mattie Kahn