5 Wildly Glamorous Camping Spots To Check Out Immediately

Photo: Courtesy of Dunton Hot Springs.
When it comes to camping, everyone has a different definition of "roughing it." For some, this means no place to charge your iPhone and zero Wi-Fi. For others, it looks pretty similar to what goes down in Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid. Then, there are the Phyllis Neflers of the world: The kind of people who avoid the outdoors altogether, incapable of understanding why anyone would ever want to sleep on rocks at an unsuitable campsite instead of tucked away in a comfy bed at the Beverly Hills Hotel. For them, glamping was a getaway game changer.
While the concept of luxurious camping might turn off serious lovers of the great outdoors, there are some clear advantages: You get to experience nature without having to sacrifice basic comforts, like flushing toilets and electricity; and, you might end up on an even better mattress than the one you have at home.
Ahead, we break down the best glamping options in California (and, beyond!), featuring a little something for every type of camper. Are you looking for a teepee that's furnished as a suite? Maybe a yurt you can rent for the weekend? We've got it all — including something for those of you who've always dreamed of sleeping in a nest.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tree Bones Lodge.

Tree Bones Lodge
Location: Big Sur, CA
Price: Around $255 per night

Type of Glamp: Tree Bones is all about yurt life. The 16 private yurts on site boast big beds with cozy linens, wrap-around decks with insane ocean views, and Adirondack chairs for taking in all the nature that surrounds. If you're feeling adventurous, opt for a stay in the "Human Nest," a bird's nest-like dwelling that offers the prettiest views.

Tree Bones Lodge, 71895 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA; 877-424-4787.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tree Bones Lodge.
Which has more space: the private yurts at Tree Bones or your apartment?
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Photo: Courtesy of Dunton Hot Springs.
Dunton Hot Springs
Location: Dolores, CO
Price: $1,400 per night including all meals and amenities for two

Type of Glamp: Located four miles from Dunton at Cresto Ranch, this spot features the fanciest tents we've ever come across. With private bathrooms en-suite, as well as a gas stove and insanely perfect interior decor, these are beyond livable. Well, at least for a week.

Dunton Hot Springs, 52068 Road 38, Dolores, CO; 970-882-4800.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dunton Hot Springs.
This interior just inspired our next bedroom makeover.
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Photo: Courtesy of Basecamp Hotel.
Basecamp Hotel
Location: Lake Tahoe, CA
Price: $189 per night

Type of Glamp: Basecamp isn't technically a campsite — it's a full-fledged hotel. So, why did we throw it in the mix? Strictly for its room dubbed "The Great Indoors," which features an indoor tent, faux fire pit, camping chairs, and "stars."

Basecamp Hotel, 4143 Cedar Avenue, South Lake Tahoe; 530-208-0180.
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Photo: Courtesy of Basecamp Hotel.
All of the fun of sleeping in a tent, none of the dirt and bugs.
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Photo: Courtesy of El Capitan Canyon.
El Capitan Canyon
Location: A 30-minute drive north of Santa Barbara
Price: Around $145 per night

Type of Glamp: El Capitan offers a variety of housing options, including safari tents, yurts, and cedar cabins. We're partial to the safari tents, which are a lot like your traditional camping setup, only with electricity, furniture, and housekeeping services.

El Capitan Canyon, 11560 Calle Real, Santa Barbara; 805-685-3887.

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Photo: Courtesy of El Capitan Canyon.
Inside one of the very comfortable yurts at El Capitan Canyon.
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Photo: Courtesy of AKA Beverly Hills.
AKA Mobile Suite
Location: Pick up is in Beverly Hills, but where you go is up to you!
Price: Approximately $6,000 for a five-night stay.

Type of Glamp: This Airstream comes with just about everything you would expect from a luxury hotel suite — fancy linens, a flat-screen TV, a Nespresso machine, and interior decor picks from Trina Turk.

AKA Beverly Hills, 155 North Crescent Drive, Beverly Hills; 855-252-9021.
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Photo: Courtesy of AKA Beverly Hills.
This is next-level design for a recreational vehicle.