Calourette's Woodland Creature Jewelry Makes Spiders Look Nearly Adorable

If fall conjures up images of traipsing through the woods, crunching dry leaves under your boots, and cooing at curious squirrels, then Calourette's Bestiaire collection is for you. Although our high school French is a little rusty, the cuteness of woodland creatures defies language barriers. The silver Lapin ring, a large bunny that would stick off your knuckle like a portable pet, and the silver fly bobby pin might encourage people to swat at your head, but the creepy-chic aspect of wearing it makes them irresistible. Some of the pieces are available exclusively on Urban Outfitter's website or can be purchased on Calourette's online shop. From birds, snails (escargot!) to horses and otters, there's a little animal love for everyone.

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