5 Trips To Take When You're Burnt Out At Work

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Do you often find yourself sharing hyperbolic TGIF memes, and subsequently fall into an emotional rut when Sunday night rolls around? Welcome to the club: According to a 2016 report by the Conference Board, just under 50% of the American population is satisfied with their jobs. What's worse: Only 77% of workers are taking their paid time off in full.
Going on a well-deserved holiday will obviously improve your mental well-being and job satisfaction, but it's where you go that truly matters: Somewhere secluded is the name of the game — preferably with poor wifi access, so you can actually mean your out-of-office response.
We've put together five unconventional vacations to help you recharge, regroup, and take a breather from your overflowing inbox. Start saving up your annual leave now.
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Zion National Park, Utah
You can't find a better locale to ponder your next steps in life than the ledge of a canyon. With its narrow canyons and cliffs that seemingly reach into the clouds, Zion National Park is one of the best-kept secrets in Utah. Despite the dramatic elevation, easy and scenic hiking trails are not in short supply: Hike to the Northgate Peaks to take in a stunning panorama of crimson sandstones and lush meadows, or trek through the West bank of the Virgin River to catch glimpses of mountain deers.
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Fairbanks, Alaska
Fairbanks is as close to the North Pole as you can get in America, and there's a good reason to plan your trip ASAP: In the summer, the destination gets daylight almost 24/7. That's a lot of time you'll get to spend on moose spotting or dog sledding. You'll also be able to decompress with a hot spring and massage therapy at Chena Hot Springs Resort, just an hour's drive away from Fairbanks.
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Cayman Islands
It's pretty hard to be stressed out when you're in the Caymans. The island's idyllic beaches — and forgiving tax policies — have prompted droves of expats to set up their new lives here. Unlike other neighboring islands in the Caribbean, the destination is surrounded by incredibly serene waters, making it an ideal spot for snorkeling or swimming alongside stingrays. It's also one of the safest places to go on holiday in the Caribbean, so you can throw caution to the wind — until your next work day rolls around.
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Faroe Islands, Denmark
If you've picked up an indie travel magazine or two in recent months, you've likely heard of this remote archipelago, sandwiched between Iceland and Norway. The islands have been gaining major traction as an off-beat destination to take a road trip — and it's an ideal way to get a total detox from the madness of a crazy workload. If you're feeling tapped out from the big city grind, you'll appreciate life in the quaint and completely isolated villages. Despite the remote location, you won't be starving from poor dining out choices: The islands are home to Koks, a Michelin-starred eatery.
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Ithaca, Greece
This Grecian island is the mythical origin of Odysseus — and his final destination after his long voyage — so it has some serious historic credit as a place that makes you feel like coming home. Compared to other sister islands in the country, Ithaca is a remarkably peaceful place overlooked by partying crowds. Its relatively manageable size also means that you'll be able to experience the best of the island — from strolling along the Vathy promenade to taking a dip in the pristine blue waters — in one short trip.
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