The Most Stunning Pictures Of Burning Man You'll Ever See

With August coming to a close, thousands are preparing to make the annual trek to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for Burning Man. Not even a 300-mile wall can stand in their way. And, while the thought of a week-long desert party may conjure up visuals of a fiery, dust-filled (and perhaps bug-filled?) rave, photographer and longtime attendee NK Guy truly captures the raw, understated beauty of the popular cultural gathering.

Guy has been making the journey out to the Nevada desert for nearly 20 years to document what unfolds — from the striking art to close-knit community. Now fans can take home a little piece of the action in his new book Art of Burning Man. The new release features 65,000 breathtaking photos of Burning Man in all its glory over the years.

With only a couple days until the festivities officially kick off, we've rounded up 10 images that are guaranteed to take you on a visual vacation to Black Rock City. Seriously, you've never seen Burning Man like this before.
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Photo: Courtesy of NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH.
"Walking through the desert at Burning Man is like walking through some incredible movie set where the cameras aren't turning," Guy tells us. "The ship was perfect to the last detail — holes filled with cannons, cabins with skeletons. It was a piece you could walk through and make your own story."

Pier 2 And La Llorona By Kevan Christiaens, Matt Schultz, And The Pier Group.
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Photo: Courtesy of NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH.
"Everyone loves the cupcake — and muffin, must not forget the muffins — cars," says Guy. "Each electric vehicle was constructed by its driver as a personal project. The car batteries were charged at their base camp by solar panels."

Cupcake Cars By Lisa Pongrace, Greg Solberg And The Acme Muffineering Team.
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Photo: Courtesy of NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH.
"This photograph was taken through the open door of one of the the Burning Sky team's skydive planes," says Guy. "The massive scale of the event can easily be seen in this shot."

Black Rock City.
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Photo: Courtesy of NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH.
"Huge pieces like this one are constructed for the benefit of the whole community," says Guy. "The piece was funded by the donations of countless crowdsourcing contributors and a grant from the Burning Man organization, and built by a huge team of volunteers."

Embrace By Kevan Christiaens, Kelsey Owens, Bill Tubman, Joe Olivier, Matt Schultz, And The Pier Group.
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Photo: Courtesy of NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH.
"Art vehicles of every shape and size roam the desert, such as this fantasy-wheeled pirate ship, carrying passengers across the site," says Guy. "Amazingly, its huge front wheel hasn't got an axle — it's completely hubless in design."

CS (Clock Ship) Tere By Andy Tibbetts.
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Photo: Courtesy of NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH.
"Each year a mighty wooden temple is built on the vast plain. Not a temple used by any religion, but a building built by and for humanity as a whole," says Guy. "This temple was one of the largest foundation-less wooden buildings ever constructed, and is shown here against the pink and purple skies of a desert dusk."

The Temple of Transition By The International Arts Megacrew.
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Photo: Courtesy of NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH.
"The yearly temples are created as a space for Burning Man participants to contemplate a truly universal human experience — loss and grief," says Guy. "People are encouraged to write notes or leave messages or artifacts on the temporary structure. This isn’t art you just observe — it’s art you participate in."

The Temple of Whollyness By Gregg Fleishman, Lightning Clearwater III, And Melissa Barron. Stone “inkuksuk” Carving By Jael LaFemina.
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Photo: Courtesy of NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH.
"A crowd of participants joins to cheer a long-time desert favorite," says Guy. "Surreal scenes like this are common in the world's biggest outdoor art gallery."

El Pulpo Mecanico By Duane Flatmo And Jerry Kunkel.
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Photo: Courtesy of NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH.
"Night doesn't bring Burning Man to a halt," says Guy. "In fact, as the air cools down, nighttime becomes one of the busiest times in the desert schedule."

The Temple of Joy By David Best And The Temple Crew.
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Photo: Courtesy of NK Guy/TASCHEN GmbH.
"Crowds gather at the pile of ember and ash that marks the location of the Man following the burn," says Guy. "The eerie skies were caused by smoke blowing in from massive forest fires near Yosemite."

The Morning After.