8 Cold-Weather Looks For YOUR Personality

Photographed by Nyra Lang.
With the first snowfall comes the inevitable style choice: survival dressing. We're talking out-to-there layers, bank-robber face coverage, and boots that don't just keep your feet warm, they crush everything in sight. But before the naysayers butt in about how head-to-toe parkas flatter no one, we're going on the record to say it's totally possible to show off your signature style and keep warm. In fact, the need to bundle up just means we have even more sartorial real estate to work with, right?

The trick is to call upon a few key accessory and outerwear combos that look better when worn together. For instance: monochrome mixed textures like metal acetate frames from Sunglass Hut with a fuzzy coat, or a retro suit and turtleneck pairing. So whether you're looking to maintain your print-mixing ways or your old-meets-new vintage vibe, we've created eight bundled-up outfits that won't let layers bring you down. Check them out ahead, and feel free to challenge Mother Nature to bring it — though stylish, these looks don't mess around.
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
The Texture Maximalist
You love pushing the boundaries by mixing unexpected textures together, making a combo like suede, faux fur, and metallic pleats a no-brainer. To bring a sense of cohesion to the look, stick to one color family, so every piece can have its moment without outshining the rest.

Zara faux fur scarf, Topshop skirt and top, Veda jacket.
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
The Dark Horse
You wouldn't expect a head-to-toe-black ensemble to knock it out of the park, but when styled like this, it can leave a lasting impression. Give monochrome layers depth by mixing in different materials, like slick leather gloves with a fuzzy faux fur coat and on-trend mixed-metal acetate frames. A cashmere hood offers the cherry on top and proves black will always be the new black.

TSE hood, H&M faux fur jacket and pants, Carolina Amato gloves.
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
The Suit Slicker
Your coworkers constantly compliment your 9-to-5 attire for your out-of-the-box approach to business-cas, like your keen ability to make pinafores look professional and actually pull off a suit. Add warmth to your tailored look by layering a turtleneck under your go-to matching set and throwing on a playful statement coat in a neutral hue. Keep gold-embellished sunnies handy for when the sun peeks out during your commute.

Topshop faux fur coat and suit, Uniqlo top.
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
The Natural Wonder
Earthy neutrals and bohemian nods make up the bulk of your wardrobe. Take the understated palette to the next level by working in pieces with major volume. Suede coats with thick shearling trim, mega-chunky blanket scarves, and wide-brim hats will not only keep you cozy but also show off your innate incognito style.

ASOS scarf, Clyde hat, Veda coat.
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
The Vintage Mixer
Your carefully curated closet shines the light on both new and old silhouettes. Bring your vintage-inspired duster coat to life with colorful accents that evoke the past, like a pastel patchwork scarf and Old Hollywood butterfly frames. You may think you don't need shades in the winter, but oversized sunglasses are perfect for blocking wind, even on overcast days.

Stiletto coat, ASOS faux fur scarf, Mega Mega gloves.
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
The Print Master
You're fearless in the face of mixing patterns and know precisely how to strike a balance between 'em. If your outfit base involves a smaller graphic print like this matching set, top it off with a fuzzy bold plaid for the perfect ratio. A solid, vintage-inspired cloche hat helps balance the trippy double print.

Zara top and pants, Curve coat, Clyde hat.
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
The Comfort Crusader
No one can talk you into a trend unless it packs a comfy punch. That's why this season's teddy coat is a natural fit in your oh-so-comfortable arsenal. Double down on the fuzz by replacing your beanie with furry earmuffs.

Veda coat.
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Photographed by Nyra Lang.
The Trend Champion
Your ensembles are typically ahead of the curve and make for street style gold. Try some of the more adventurous trends this winter like opera gloves and a furry long-line vest. Suede dark-green pants and a ribbed top play up the moody hues — and make for an au courant monochrome foundation.

Topshop vest and top, Carolina Amato gloves, Veda pants.