Another '90s Revival, This Time With Serious Spice Girls Flavor

Solestruck, the online shoe emporium and general keeper of the virtual street-wear obsessive flame, had a dream, one that many of us have had before and one that can be realized in all its rubberized glory. That dream, if you will, is the Spice Girl shoe: a graphic sneakerized vision that gives you at least four inches in height.
The store headed over to Spain to find the original purveyors of the '90s sneaker, a company that is now involved in European fast fashion. Yet, it still has its archives intact. Solestruck has brought back a handful of wild styles for both men and women (sadly, some of our favorite kicks are for the boys), and they're chock-full of serious '90s nostalgia. These might not be your everyday shoe (or maybe they are?), but no one can deny that these throwbacks certainly look fun.
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Buffalo X Solestruck 1345-4, $219.95, available at Solestruck.
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Buffalo x Solestruck Texas Oil Negro Napa Blanco Silver Fluor, $244.95, available at Solestruck.
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Buffalo x Solestruck Silver Glitter, $194.95, available at Solestruck.
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Buffalo x Solestruck Napa Negro Cats, $234.95, available at Solestruck.
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Buffalo x Solestruck Serrage Negro, $219.95, available at Solestruck.
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Buffalo x Solestruck Polka Dots White, $254.95, available at Solestruck.
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Buffalo x Solestruck Vaca Pantera Napa Gold Blue Green, $274.95, available at Solestruck.
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Buffalo x Solestruck Napa Blanco Napa Negro Dots, $244.95, available at Solestruck.
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Buffalo x Solestruck Polka Dots Red, $254.95, available at Solestruck.

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