5 Easy Summer Party Hacks City Girls Will LOVE

Illustrated by Josh Mckenna
Summer is just around the corner, along with all the great things that come with it — weekend trips to the beach, summer Fridays, and day drinking on rooftops. It can be tempting to go out all the time, but why not invite friends over once in awhile? Summer is a magical time when windows can be thrown open, shared patio space is up for grabs, and even your front stoop can function as a local haunt with the right attitude and benevolent neighbors.

Here are five easy ideas for having fun, imaginative get-togethers all summer long — and some goodies that will help you be the hostess with the mostest.
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Illustrated by Josh Mckenna.
Brunch On Your Stoop
Share a donut (or two, or three) and great conversation with a new love interest or old friend at the most convenient of hot spots: your front stoop.
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A quirky mug is a great conversation starter.
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A coaster will keep your mug off the ground (and is a great place to park your half-eaten donut).
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The right tray can make transporting brunch a breeze.
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Illustrated by Josh Mckenna.
Celebrate Happy Hour On Your Roof
Throw back a few beers and revel in those 8 p.m. sunsets — summer is here! Whether you invite one friend or 10, your roof is sure to be one of the hottest hangouts in town with the right mix of no-fuss seating options (or, like, an upturned bucket?) and the right friend playing DJ.
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Pricey, but gorgeous. (Just like you!)
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Invest in a pair of these babies and you're golden.
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Keep the local bug population at bay with this stylish and suitably hippie alternative to citronella candles.
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Illustrated by Josh Mckenna.
Have A Potluck On The Floor
We know Mom always said not to eat off the floor, but she's not furnishing your apartment, and you only have so many chairs to go around. We say, set your entertaining ambitions at ground level and run with it. Stack rugs atop one another to define a seating area and encourage guests to bring shareable dishes.
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Keep colors and patterns in mind for artful layering.
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This lightweight option is like a breath of summer air — it adds character to any room.
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Of course, you always need beautiful storage options.
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Illustrated by Josh Mckenna.
Take Tea On Your Fire Escape
Make the most of the space outside your window by throwing a tea party with your BFF. It's a great way to debrief on your favorite shows while getting some sun.
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What says summer better than a picnic-stripe mug? Maybe an actual picnic — too bad your refrigerator only has baking soda in it.
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When the party's over, you can bring this little guy inside.
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A set of peppy napkins is a must when serving tea for two.
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Illustrated by Josh Mckenna
Throw A Slumber Party
Does your bed take up pretty much the entirety of your room? Embrace it! Binge-watching Netflix is better with friends — or Tinder date(s) — anyway. Bond over House Of Cards and be sure to keep a tray of drinks on hand.
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Crisp and classic, these sheets are a surefire hit with guys and gals alike.
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Keep them fresh (and refreshed) with scented linen spray.
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This versatile tray table fits over your lap, or can sit on the floor.